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CIOs can No Longer Ignore Video Analytics Platform

By Vishal Muktewar - September 28, 2021 6 Mins Read

CIOs can No Longer Ignore Video Analytics Platform

“AI-based video intelligence has emerged as a relevant technology to take the pressure off these operators, ensuring process compliance and overall operational efficiency on their premises,” says Adit Chhabra, Co-Founder & CEO, Wobot.ai, in a hotseat interview with EnterpriseTalk.

ET Bureau: Given the current market scenario, how can an AI-powered video analytics platform aim to help businesses streamline their operations? 

Adit Chhabra: Video Analytics has seen widespread ideation across various industries in the last decade.

However, in the recent past, Covid-19 and labor shortage in the USA has flipped many industries upside down and heightened the need for operations management remotely and effectively.

Applications such as kitchen hygiene, manufacturing safety, retail and restaurant customer experience and much more are helping organizations tackle the current operational challenges. For instance, food services companies recently have had to ensure food is delivered with utmost safety following government regulations and protocols or making sure the speed and accuracy of service is maintained with increased volumes in drive-thrus and other pick up or delivery formats.

AI-based video intelligence has emerged as a relevant technology to take the pressure off these operators, ensuring process compliance and overall operational efficiency on their premises.

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ET Bureau: Is it possible for businesses to identify best practices through their existing video analytics solutions? How can they gain actionable and real-time insights into processes to improve process compliance? 

Adit Chhabra: Physical monitoring of businesses is ineffective and expensive – the cost of monitoring compliance is around $500 per employee per year. Weekly or monthly audits are seldom done rigorously and are also highly cost-intensive activities. Further, several businesses such as drive-thrus and restaurants are struggling to maintain customer experience with increase in volume.

So yes, a Video Analytics platform like Wobot.ai can provide real-time actionable insights that can help with better decision making. This is continuous and automated feedback for employees on the job, highlighting areas of improvement as well as recognizing tasks done correctly across stores, factories, and employees.

ET Bureau: The global marketplace is recovering from prolonged challenging times. What are critical factors to be considered for advanced compliance, security, as well as customer engagement? 

Adit Chhabra: As the need for compliances, security and customer engagement are evolving rapidly, it is important to have a solution that allows you to make sense of the plethora of data points available and be able to configure this dynamically as per changing organization needs.

Here are some of the critical factors to consider;

  • Deploy a solution which is easy to use: One of the reasons for applying AI powered video analytics is to help the user automate the process of watching hours of videos leading to human fatigue and reduced attention span resulting in the delayed feedback loop. Before deploying a solution, an organization must consider the ease and flexibility of setting up such a tool.
  • Utilize your existing data: We are all generating tons of data every second, but that is only half the battle won. It is important to have a solution that can make the most of this data and do so without disrupting your operations or current set up. This was one of the reasons why we decided to build a video intelligence platform that can plug into existing infrastructure.
  • Scalable performance and versatility: A reliable and scalable solution will ensure that there is a reduced risk of non-compliance, increased efficiency, robust remote assistance and actionable insights. A versatile and scalable video analytics solution is an effective choice for the long term.

ET Bureau: As a CEO, how do you see Wobot.ai augmenting the drive for operational excellence of video surveillance across physical stores, hospitality, retail, cloud kitchens, and warehouses? 

Adit Chhabra: Wobot.ai is a Video Intelligence platform that helps with better decision making for operators across kitchens, restaurants, QSRs, drive-thrus, retail and manufacturing. As mentioned earlier, this AI platform instantly connects to cameras and enables feedback on customer experience, worker safety, security, billing and hygiene. We also understand that the power of combining with other tools in the ecosystem can enable a lot more things for operations. For instance, we have several POS integrations for the food service sector that enables state-of-the-art visual search.

We have seen this platform driving operational excellence globally already across a lot of the sectors you mentioned. Further the tool comes with power packed features that enable further operational excellence.

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  • Learning Management system—in-built in the product—one can help their teams to learn best practices of doing work and train them to get better results through their efforts.
  • Over 100+ AI powered checklists to help businesses create a process that can increase efficiency and reduce operational errors. Easily configurable to existing cameras.
  • The real-time view helps you gather critical information exactly when you need it. This information plays a crucial role in disaster management.
  • Violation flagging equipped with correct event tracking. This helps tremendously to ensure that it’s not just about pointing out wrong practices but giving a pat on the back about the right ones.

ET Bureau: Today, more organizations are switching to SaaS-based technology solutions. Can it provide continuous feedback on processes, focus on areas of improvement, and highlight role models?  

Adit Chhabra: Yes, it can.

Our product-led SaaS framework enables instant self-onboarding as well as allows organizations to choose how and when they want to consume the content. With Wobot.ai, businesses can now add intelligence to cameras within hours, and not days or months.

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Adit Chhabra is Co-Founder & CEO of Wobot.ai. Prior to building Wobot.ai, Adit was involved in building a machine learning mobile platform and workflow automation tool for conducting audits and inspections. Adit finished his undergraduate studies from Purdue University in the U.S.A and his MBA from Spain. Additionally, he has over five years work experience in M&A, integration, and restructuring across various geographies and sectors like hospitality, retail, automotive, steel and mining.



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