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RevOps: A Revolution of Innovators

By Ed King - March 03, 2023 5 Mins Read

RevOps: A Revolution of Innovators

RevOps is a revolution, an opportunity to rethink and re-engineer what an integrated go-to-market strategy can be, enabled by the latest technology.

Revenue operations, or RevOps, has officially moved beyond “buzzword” to a category all its own. It’s not just slapping Marketing Ops and Sales Ops with a common moniker while still using old processes and technologies. Instead, RevOps is a lifestyle–truly! This approach strategically integrates sales, marketing, and customer service to create an organization’s holistic, end-to-end revenue view.

Consider this: “By 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies in the world will deploy a revenue operations (RevOps) model,” according to Gartner®. “A move from sales enablement to revenue enablement is needed in today’s rapidly shifting buying and selling dynamic to support this RevOps imperative.”

RevOps done right is a competitive advantage for organizations—especially high-growth companies. RevOps requires an innovator’s mindset and the technologies to enable it. The people leading the revolution aren’t just forward-thinkers but also passionate builders who know there’s a better way to drive revenue.

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So, who are these innovators?

Innovators are builders

Without fail, RevOps innovators are builders at heart. They are driven to create, improve, and build better mousetraps. They get irritated when they see processes and technologies used incorrectly or not working as promised. Accolades and recognition are nice, but builders get immense satisfaction when building something new or better than what their colleagues currently use.

Builders get gratification from solving problems. They’re different from tinkerers, who love to play with technology and gravitate to the latest, most excellent shiny new toys. Tinkerers are happy to play with new technology to satisfy their curiosity. Still, they aren’t motivated by using the technology in inventive ways, pushing it to the limit, and seeing it work well.

Many RevOps technologies available today provide a wonderful world for tinkerers—but a frustrating one for the true innovator-builders who aren’t interested in playing around with ideas. Instead, they want to make the technologies work together to accomplish a tangible goal that’s more valuable than grandiose promises and sexy demos.

Innovators have a vision.

Vision is what drives RevOps innovators. RevOps has a clear purpose: improving the organization’s revenue operations. That vision may appear pedestrian for companies that have yet to advance far on the RevOps maturity model. But the innovator can see how it will move the company towards better execution and profitability.

To achieve that vision, an innovator usually has a roadmap that provides a framework for the idea and an instinct for attaining it. An innovator is comfortable with an evolving roadmap. To an innovator, it’s no different from adapting to changing conditions while navigating the daily commute traffic—things may change along the route, but the destination remains unchanged.

Finally, having a vision and a roadmap means the innovator must think long-term. They’re planning the next steps while still focusing on current projects’ success. Each project is a building block for the next. When innovators make a technology choice, they make sure the technology is something they can build on, grow with, and ideally, help them deal with unknown challenges in the future.

Innovators are agile

Innovators have the vision to achieve and want to get there quickly. Even though they may be working for a large company, RevOps innovators are entrepreneurs at heart, instinctively embracing the world of building fast, failing quickly, learning from failures, and iterating. Innovators need more patience with rigid organizational boundaries. They feel that traditional waterfall processes hinder their ability to navigate a rapidly-shifting technology landscape and ever-changing go-to-market requirements.

Software engineering long ago adopted agile methodologies to build better products faster. Most traditional marketing disciplines and sales teams have long embraced experimentation. Still, most RevOps teams and their IT counterparts are stuck with conventional ways of adopting technology because of fear of failure.

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As most innovators know that most RevOps and middleware technologies aren’t designed to enable an agile way of working, they find themselves in elaborate testing environments that take up significant resources, including time. The plan is to revolutionize RevOps into a faster, more powerful machine. This requires a technology platform that RevOps innovators already use as a “sandbox” of sorts, a place to build fast, fail without consequence, and learn iteratively, using the company’s actual production data. Then they can move their tested experiments into production quickly and without fear, responding to volatile situations efficiently.

RevOps teams must execute fast and pivot on a dime with many unknowns. The quickest way to achieve something that continually works well is to build a most-valuable-product (MVP) and see how it holds up against live processes and production data, observe what’s not working as expected, discover what the team didn’t know before, and then take that learning and quickly deliver the next iteration. Again, the key to this innovation is a RevOps technology platform that enables you to do all of this efficiently, cost-effectively, quickly, and safely.

Innovators take risks

The very definition of an innovator, as we’ve outlined, is someone not afraid to take risks, is passionate about finding efficient ways to get things done, and can foresee a world where their vision enables tremendous success for the company. Whether you call them builders, innovators, or revolutionaries, they change the RevOps landscape. Now, it’s time for RevOps technology to catch up with the innovators.

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