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Wireless Cellular Market Is Booming Due To 5G Networks Expansion

By Sudipta Choudhury - March 31, 2021 3 Mins Read

5G network continues driving the growth of the wireless cellular sector globally – despite the pandemic-induced economic woes.

Despite the widespread pandemic and economic woes, the mobile network operators globally continued to establish 5G networks online. Even the new 5G subscriber growth has tempered in many areas – claimed a recent research study by 5G Americas. In its essence, 5G continues driving the development of the wireless cellular industry.  

In the second quarter of 2020, about 30 5G networks went live – summing up to a total of 114 5G commercial networks worldwide. And this number becomes almost double (204) by the end of the year, as p-er the statistics from TeleGeography. This 5G surge is also steering the overall mobile network data traffic globally.

This includes the fixed wireless access that developed 53% YOY, according to the new Ericsson report. As mentioned by Chris Pearson, President at 5G Americas, in the company blog post – “The pace of new commercial 5G network launches has remained healthy through the challenging quarter, as mobile network operators continue to build 5G networks for the long-term.”

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A similar study from Omdia noted that globally, there were nearly 138 million 5G connections – as of Q2 2020. This indicates a 116% growth over the first quarter of 2020. Besides, the commercial 5G device models were forecasted to touch 236 million by 2020 or early 2021.

With the above trends, the 5G has picked up in the second half due to obvious reasons. The ease of lockdowns follows this, continued 5G network expansion, and increased 5G devices’ accessibility. Various regions spanning the world are undergoing different rates of 5G subscriber growth. This is primarily due to COVID-19 and related economic challenges.  

The data from 5G Americas show – by the second quarter of 2020, North America had 497 million LTE connections and 2.3 million 5G connections. For them, this accounts for 69% quarterly progress in 5G.

This is approximately 1 million 5G connections deployment over the quarter. Besides, there is a 1% growth for LTE, a gain of nearly 4.6 million LTE connections for the same period.

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Certainly, the 5G network is breaking different records in the Caribbean and Latin America. As per the study, it is the fastest mobile tech to work out in the region and is included as a vital part of national development plans by various governments. This includes Brazil, Chile, and Colombia. The number of networks with 4G and 5G wireless technologies that have been deployed and in the US in 3Q20 are – 

Global count:

  • 5G: 114
  • LTE: 682
  • LTE Advanced: 335

Latin America & Caribbean:

  • 5G: 10
  • LTE: 125
  • LTE Advanced: 49

North America:

  • 5G: 7
  • LTE: 23
  • LTE Advanced: 12

Apart from 5G, the global 4G LTE connections are estimated to continue growing through 2022. 4G LTE is likely to touch 5.7 billion in this digital era – in which 506 million are accounted for North America, and another 406 million will be coming from the Caribbean and Latin America. 

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