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Ways to Minimize the Talent Gap in AI and Analytics

By Nikhil Sonawane - June 13, 2022 3 Mins Read

The great resignation, the great reshuffle, or the global talent shortage widens the talent gap in AI and analytics skills. How do CIOs ensure these are minimized to ensure a streamlined workflow 

The recent pandemic that has impacted the global workforce tremendously. Businesses are facing challenges in attracting and retaining top talents, especially in the sectors like AI and analytics, which were already facing a talent crunch; the gap is getting wider. 

Human resource departments of many organizations are facing a challenge to onboard the best talent in the fields of data analytics and AI. According to Gartner’s survey, 64% of the CIOs consider talent shortage as a major barrier to adopting new technologies. 

Here are a few ways that enterprises can consider adopting to reduce the talent gap in AI and Analytics

Use AI-based recruitment systems

Implementation of recruitment tools with AI integrated into them will assist enterprises in evaluating thousands of resumes from diverse sources. The right AI-based recruitment software will scan and filter all the relevant resumes with the required skillsets, and educational and professional background required as per the job description.

Create a work ecosystem that helps the talent grow professionally

After two years of unprecedented slowdown of businesses, the global market is again picking up pace, which is opening a wide range of opportunities for highly skilled IT professionals. One of the significant reasons for top talent quitting jobs is that they feel underutilized as per their skillsets and knowledge. Enterprises should consider creating new growth opportunities for the resources that want to grow professionally. Human resource software with AI will assist in evaluating if the talent is being utilized for their true potential. 

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Match the pay scale according to the inflation rate

One of the contributors for talented resources to quit their jobs in AI and analytics is that they are not paid very well enough. United States – monthly inflation rate in April 2022 was approximately 8.3%, which is a valid reason for the resources to seek a higher paying job. Paying the top AI and analytics talent with a competitive salary in the market is a perfect way to attract and retain talent. 

Set up an employee-centric work culture

The modern workforce is looking for employee-centric companies to work with to have a better work-life balance. Remote work trends are most likely to stay in a post-pandemic world because flexible working environments have proved their resilience and value in the worst crisis of the modern times. Many enterprises have already announced permanent work from home or hybrid work modules for their employees.

Hire the best AI and analytics teams and spot the future leaders

The competition in IT is fierce, and talent shortage adds to the fierceness because everybody wants the best AI and analytics resources to achieve their organizational goals. The top HR recruitment tools with AI can assist in spotting the leadership qualities with the relevant skillsets required in the resources and filter the resumes accordingly. CIOs usually have eagle eyes to spot the future leaders; HR software with AI can assist in spotting them in the early stages of the employee lifecycle.

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