Virtual Healthcare Visits becomes Easier to manage through ‘Teams’

Virtual Healthcare Visits becomes Easier to manage through ‘Teams’

Microsoft announced a slew of updates to its collaboration for front-line workers, including enhancements to the virtual visit experience

Aiming at expanding use of collaboration application among front-line workers Microsoft has recently added several features to Teams; including a Viva Connections mobile app.  Other than the mobile app Teams now has feature of updates to approvals, and also improvements to virtual medical visit management.

During the pandemic the focus around the Teams was centered on knowledge workers and the ongoing boom in video conferences. However, use of the app by front-line workers has increased significantly too, around 150% over the past year, according to Microsoft.

According to a recent survey from 451 Research titled “Voice of the Enterprise Workforce Productivity & Collaboration: Work Execution Goals & Challenges Q2 2021.” the end user perspective, demand for collaboration tools among front-line workers will continue to rise.

Demand for collaboration tools for front line workers is expected to increase. Around six of ten front-line workers expect that the amount of time they spend collaborating with their colleagues will likely increase significantly or slightly, more than twice as many as non-front-line workers. These employees use their smartphones several times a day for business purposes, which is comparatively higher than the usage of smartphones among non-front employees in any organizations.

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one of a number of productivity and collaboration software providers Microsoft is targeting workers in front-line roles, including those in the retail, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors. These profiles, often termed as “deskless” jobs have tended to be subject to less investment in digital tools from businesses, though spending has grown in recent years.

Virtual Healthcare Visits through Teams

Microsoft is attempting to address the diverse needs of front-line workers in several ways with the announcement of recent updates in Teams. Due to the social distancing measures during the global pandemic situation virtual visits have proliferated. both for patients and administrative staff there are several enhancements to the virtual visit experience. in private preview a scheduled queuing feature provides an overview of visit information, with real-time updates on wait times, staffing delays, and missed appointments. Through SMS and email, appointment reminders can be sent to patients; thus, reduce the risk of patients not turning up.

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Healthcare providers can add their logo and personalized messages in private preview a virtual visit waiting room. Patients can attend a virtual visit through their browser, without installing the Teams app on their device.

The pandemic has given several opportunities for innovation to help both industry and society at large and this move by Microsoft seems to be one of those leg-ups to collaborative tools space.

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