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U.S Launches 20 Year AI Research & Development Roadmap Focusing on International Collaboration

By Debjani Chaudhury - June 24, 2019 3 Mins Read

U.S Launches 20 Year AI Research & Development Roadmap Focusing on International Collaboration

The Office of Science and Technology, White House, has confirmed the National AI Research and Development Department will fund several federal agencies, while the U.S army is aiming to accelerate the process of digitalization.

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to benefit nearly all aspects of the United States by bringing digitization in the economy, healthcare, security, business, and technology sectors. The AI initiative is a concerted effort to protect and promote AI technology and innovation in the U.S. This strategy will collaborate and engage with the private sector by joining hands with like-minded international entrepreneurs. The key directives guiding this initiative is to prioritize the AI research and development investments to enhance access to high-quality cyber infrastructure and data to match up the international technical standards for AI. The government plans to provide training and education opportunities to prepare the American workforce for the new era of Artificial Intelligence, by collaborating with federal agencies like the National Institutes of Health (NTH), National Science Foundation (NSF)

This strategic plan accounts for new research and technical innovations developed by leading Federal Government AI research administrators, with input from broader civil society, including academic research institutions, non-profit organizations, and private sector tech companies. To make AI trustworthy for luring the private sectors to collaborate, feedback from these key stakeholders is essential. The goal is to establish long-term ongoing investments in AI research for developing sustainable human-AI collaboration.

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The White House has conducted thorough discussion and debates to address the legal, ethical, and societal implication of AI strategy before this announcement. Also, active steps were taken to measure and evaluate AI technologies through international standards and benchmarks. Testbeds and community engagements are always instrumental in assessing the progress of AI adoption.

The initiative dates back to 2016 when in the final months of the Obama Government, news headlines were filled by the impact of AI in the growth of the States. Many goals stated in the 2016 plan remain constant in the revised version. The stated aims of the foreign policy in the Donald Trump administration include focusing on embracing AI research and developments with a greater focus on public-private partnerships between industry and academia. The new report points to federal AI efforts such as DARPA’s AI Next Campaign, which fuel tech growth in the nation by forming new “international allies.” Donald Trump government directed its Select Committee on AI to begin research and revision of the document back in August 2018. The United States also accepted the need to further research on ML capabilities.

The White House had taken the initiative to launch to promote national AI initiative, supported by about 40 democratic nations around the globe who signed an agreed framework of AI principle. The Department of Defense released the first draft of its AI strategy referred to as the American AI initiative in February, which directs all federal agencies to prioritize AI R&D funding. The revised report was drafted by the National Science and Technology Council Subcommittee on Machine Learning and AI, AI R&D Interagency Working Group of the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development program (NITRD), along with the Select Committee on AI. This 20-year plan is foreseen to bring massive revolution in the United States AI research and development with the aid of foreign allies.

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