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Top Three IT Leadership Strategies for Collaborating with the CEO

By Umme Sutarwala - April 18, 2022 4 Mins Read

Top Three IT Leadership Strategies for Collaborating with the CEO

For several CIOs, the pandemic accomplished what years of career jostling and C-suite advocacy had failed to: It gave them the limelight as well as a microphone.

The power to succeed depends on the ability to establish an effective working connection between an IT leader and the CEO. Whatever organization IT executives work for, there will definitely be a conflict between the two jobs at some time, and it’s critical to have a good connection in order to communicate efficiently.

Here are a few ways IT leaders can work effectively with their CEOs.

Understand the objectives and participate in the process

There will be no constructive discussion between the roles if the CEO sends signals to indicate their goals, and if IT leaders don’t pick up on those signals. 

Understanding the CEO’s business objectives and then replicating expectations around these objectives will go a long way toward establishing a productive working relationship. In addition, IT leaders must discover to whom the CEO is answerable, which might be a board of directors, staff, or consumers. While the CEO is in control, the post comes with a lot of built-in accountability to others. IT executives should make a conscious effort to grasp this responsibility and provide their CEO with the knowledge they require to communicate successfully.

IT leaders need to devise a strategy and develop a practice of publicly disclosing hazards and risk mitigation strategies, as well as personally reviewing progress on a regular basis. CEOs frequently consider the degree of R&D required for the firm to succeed, and CTOs are in charge of ensuring that this occurs while also ensuring that the CEO is competent in communicating the results to their audiences.

This all comes down to setting clear goals and communicating effectively and maintaining that technical nuances are translated into commercial outcomes. Doing the labor to create these aspects of the connection with the CEO can assist IT managers in better grasping not just the company’s goals, but also their own.

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Be fast to recognize and respond to emerging dangers

The pandemic has brought a lot of change to companies of all kinds, as well as a lot of new threats. CIOs are responsible for properly navigating the firm over hurdles and risks. That much hasn’t altered. CIOs, on the other hand, should be proactive in both areas.

Protecting the organization when employees shifted to work-from-home offices, for example, was a major concern. Another is their return to the workplace or to work in hybrid arrangements. CIOs who wish to satisfy CEOs as strategic business partners, on the other hand, are aware of other emerging risks.

The CIO’s current task is to continue to innovate while minimizing risk. They must also stay ahead of any new insider threats that might also arise as a result of ‘the great resignation.’

Be willing to share

Aside from the communication medium, IT leaders should obtain a strong feel of the style and degree of detail they need to communicate. The majority of CEOs do not want to hear the technical language, and communication should focus on the business results that IT executives are helping to allow or generate.

IT leaders will have a better chance of succeeding if they are prepared to address a few critical questions. What impact will this project have on the entire company? What will happen if firms do not take action? What impact will this have on the consumers? How will enterprises be able to tell whether they have been successful? How much will this cost in total, both now and in the future?

While the objectives must remain the priority, keep in mind that IT leaders will be expected to deliver technical details and project plans to underpin these efforts on demand, so be ready to give information when requested.

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