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Top Strategic Priorities For Enterprises – What Are CIOs Focusing On?

By Sudipta Choudhury - January 27, 2020 3 Mins Read

Today, enterprises are highly focused on developing the value of information and advanced tools to make business operations more responsive.

Advancements of automation, analytics, AI, and cloud are highly lucrative for businesses globally. C-suites and IT experts are focusing on these technologies to drive enhanced business opportunities and mitigate enterprise challenges. Enterprises are adopting new technologies to meet critical business optimization, cost savings, and improved efficiency in 2020.

Intelligent Automation Technology Is a Necessity In 2020

In the digital era, the IT team can deploy technologies in real-time, which used to take months earlier. As per Brain Hopkins, VP, Principal Analyst of Forrester, is stated to have said in the company’s blog post, “The leading firms we study lean into constant change and uncertainty. At these advanced firms, CIOs are stepping up to help their firms transform customer and employee experiences, leverage digital without becoming a slave to technology, and harness the explosive power of ecosystems for innovation, disruption, and growth.”

Data would be a top priority since companies are aiming for transformation plans. It is helping in changing the businesses’ outlook by increasing automation opportunities. Data scientists are already working in collaboration with industry experts to figure out various data management issues for clients. They are focussing on standardizing data to provide enterprises with ease to enhance data utilization while protecting consumer privacy. Besides, the Big Data revolution has enhanced many businesses- by making it more profitable, secure, and successful.

AI Changing the Society to Make World a Better Place

With the latest robotic trends, automation will drive significant innovations with the time ahead. Brain Hopkins, also mentioned, in his blog “Predictions 2020: Uncertainty Equals Opportunity For The CIO”, “Automation will begin to transform your team. According to our research, the topics CIOs are most interested in include automation, robotic process automation, and AI technologies — and for good reason. When implemented in the right culture, with the right people and processes, these technologies can help firms unleash the power of their people by transferring monotonous tasks to robots. In 2020, CIOs will turn from planning to action with automation, starting with their own workforce.”

More organizations are implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for specific requirements. AI, backed by automation, has already created advances in business opportunities by providing simplified operations and better decision making. Enterprises are seeking to scale their functionalities by embracing digitalization and intelligent automation. According to a recent survey by NewVantage Partners, in 2020, 64.8% of enterprises are planning to invest over $50 million in AI and Big Data, increasing from 39.7% in 2018.

Big Data and Analytics Transforming the Auditing Process

With the beginning of the new decade, CIOs are picking their talents to kick-start their roadmaps for digital journeys. To meet the overall business goals and customer experience, IT leaders are highly considering to augment their internal operations and employee experience.


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