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Top Four Ways for IT leaders to Exhibit Customer Empathy

By Umme Sutarwala - September 13, 2022 4 Mins Read

Top Four Ways for IT leaders to Exhibit Customer Empathy

It should come as no surprise that enterprises that value empathy are better able to satisfy customers than those that don’t. Even though most corporate leaders understand how crucial empathic leadership is, few actually know how to implement this concept.

The balancing act can be difficult for IT leaders, who frequently prioritize regular product changes over the Customer Experience (CX). But for businesses to benefit from having an empathic workplace, empathy should be seen as an essential component of both their internal and external-facing operations. Eventually, a company-wide dedication to empathy results in more contented workers and greater customer relationships.

The ability to empathize is essential in a corporate setting. It’s the distinction between a surface-level and above-and-beyond customer service response. Here are four ways the company might go above and above to demonstrate empathy for their customers.

Include personnel in decision-making

Firms need to ask their workforce for a deeper understanding if there is a significant change. They must interact with people, carry out surveys, or ask for their opinion when making business decisions. For instance, while thinking about returning to work, employees can be worried about their daily routine, including eldercare or childcare. Only if leaders inquire about them will they be able to handle such issues.

Be prepared to pay the price

Sometimes, leading with empathy causes productivity to stall. Although getting things done can suffer when being empathic, it would be naive to see this as a net negative.

For instance, it will cost the company money if a team member needs to take two to three months off due to a personal problem. However, supporting a teammate’s personal well-being builds the loyalty and trust necessary for them to perform at their highest level. It will still be less expensive for the company to replace them than a burned-out employee who quits if they come back from their vacation and do an excellent job.

Empathy in the workplace is always worthwhile. Companies can reach their initial goals more quickly if they are ambivalent or focus too much on the bottom line, but this will come with a lengthy tail of collateral damage. The business will struggle with employee churn and waste resources and time fighting it.

In contrast,

it has been demonstrated that having an empathic leadership style boosts innovation, productivity, creativity, and business profits.

Businesses should be empathic leaders focusing on the big picture even if it means temporarily sacrificing work deliverables. In the long run, empathy benefits clients, staff members, and the business as a whole.

Make extra efforts to comprehend customers

Simply because it is so emotionally taxing, empathy is something that many organizations struggle with. They believe that one successful interaction is sufficient and fail to understand that showing empathy is a habit, not a box they can tick.

Businesses must encourage staff to listen more to customers’ needs than to those of their own in order to foster a culture of empathy. Representatives should make an effort to understand as much as they can about a problem when it does arise. Before offering suggestions, they might, for instance, ask for a screen share of the problem to better understand the customer’s needs. Employees can better comprehend what their company can and cannot provide the consumer by having a deep level of understanding.

Always keep an open-door policy

People can be shown (not told) that they work in a compassionate and open environment by having an open-door policy in place with no red tape. They must make their contact information available to everyone, whether they are C-suite executives or team managers. If managers are conscious of the necessity for a collaborative effort, they can instill the same culture in their workforce.

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