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Top Five Task IT Leaders Should Delegate

By Vishal Muktewar - October 04, 2021 4 Mins Read

Top Five Task IT Leaders Should Delegate

With enterprises taking the plunge to revamp themselves, the responsibility has fallen upon the shoulders of CIOs to create solutions that will meet their changing technology needs. Since CIOs have tight schedules, they should focus their efforts on higher-impact tasks and delegate routine tasks to their subordinates.

The uncertainty in the enterprise environment doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. At the same time, the competitive nature of the marketplace is rapidly growing, thus making it critical for IT leaders to make their every decision count. Instead of wasting their time and energy on simple routine and repeatable tasks, they should delegate them. This way, they will be in a much better position to focus on higher priority tasks that could have a more significant impact on the organization. Additionally, IT leaders can set the organization up for future success by staying focused on higher-impact tasks. Furthermore, a robust decision-making task delegation also creates immediate benefits in terms of personal performance and efficiency while simultaneously increasing staff productivity.

Here are five tasks that every IT leader should delegate:

Non-strategic tasks

CIOs should learn to delegate tasks that are not essential or time-sensitive. Instead of micromanaging their employees that only creates stressful environments, CIOs should trust them. They should provide their employees a chance to learn while they focus on strategic tasks and the future of the organization.

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IT leaders should acknowledge the fact that their employees will make mistakes now and then and shouldn’t punish them. Instead, they should provide their employees tasks that they can learn from to become more successful and create a resilient organization.

Hands-on configuration and development

Most often than not, CIOs dive into the fray and code or configure things that almost result in wastage of time and resources. Instead, they should pull back and concentrate on the bigger picture. This way, they will be able to support the enterprise goals.

CIOs that are overly focused on IT inner workings may miss the opportunity to partner with other enterprise executives to optimize their business operations. Instead of just toying with routine, low-priority tasks, IT leaders should build and refine essential management abilities.

Tasks that enhance IT visibility and planning

CIOs should commit to delegating high-profile assignments that showcase their team’s foresight and capabilities. They should take steps to offload such types of work that will improve the understanding of management regarding the talent that lies within the IT enterprise. This way, IT leaders can become more efficient and have the confidence and support of their employees as well.

Repetitive tasks

Operational tasks such as help desk ticketing and employee device allocation, along with repeatable tasks such as a server or IT infrastructure, take a lot of unnecessary time from the already tight schedules of CIOs. This can even hamper their ability to succeed in the long term. Hence, CIOs should delegate such routine operational and repeatable activities to subordinates that will leave space and time for them to focus on IT strategy and driving critical corporate initiatives.

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The responsibilities associated with customer engagement

CIOs should strongly consider distributing everyday responsibilities related to customer engagement and should only step in when there is a direct request from a customer to resolve a contentious issue. This way, CIOs can focus their time and efforts on project direction and high-level customer interactions. Not only that but taking this approach of delegation empowers the staff in their designated roles and promotes trust among team members.

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