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Top Edge Computing Predictions to Keep an Eye on in 2022

By Umme Sutarwala - January 17, 2022 4 Mins Read

Top Edge Computing Predictions to Keep an Eye on in 2022-01

The significant growth of smart devices has put pressure on internet infrastructure, forcing cloud-based businesses to adapt and find new methods to serve their consumers. Edge computing, which involves storing and processing data as near to the end-user as possible, is a fast-growing business striving to keep up with demand.

For the edge, the future outlay is evident. Computers are doing more complex calculations, sending more data, and frequently transferring ephemeral data that does not need to be stored in the cloud. Smarter devices are being developed, and there are more of them in the market. Companies and customers both desire quick, dependable, and secure access to their data. Edge computing meets these rising demands, and it will continue to do so.

Here are some of the most important edge computing predictions for the year 2022.

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Unity of IT and OT

The convergence of information and operational technologies through edge computing is one of the top edge computing predictions. IoT devices have an edge integrated into them, allowing data gathering and processing for optimal data management to be done right away. In Industry 4.0, industries will begin to embrace edge systems to bridge the gap between IT and OT.

Edge data filtering

Filtering edge data to employ smarter sensors for greater processing at the edge is an upcoming edge computing trend. Sensors are well-known for providing real-time information on model performance. Organizations can achieve a breakthrough in performance by filtering edge data, giving them a competitive advantage in the global market.

Edge computing enables new applications

One of the most important forecasts for edge computing is the introduction of new applications and use cases. To give functionalities with greater flexibility and resilience, hybrid edge models will be used. There are forward-thinking IT leaders who are ready to use edge computing with new advanced apps to address privacy concerns, latency trade-offs, and more.

First edge computing unicorn

The year 2022 will be remembered for breaking news in edge computing: the birth of the first edge computing unicorn. Several edge computing start-ups have emerged as a result of seeing and seizing the opportunities in this industry. Multiple investors are putting millions of dollars into these start-ups in various Series rounds. In 2022, achieving success, generating substantial sales, and attracting investments could result in the first edge computing unicorn.

Introduction to fog computing

The edge of edge computing is the introduction to fog computing. It efficiently delivers more computation, communication, and data storage at the edge. It’s gaining traction thanks to its decentralized computing structure, which connects various types of clouds and edge devices to produce massive information in real-time.

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Replacement of cloud

The drastic change from cloud computing to edge computing will occur in 2022, and this is one of the next edge computing trends. Organizations will use new paradigms to execute their processes and systems at the network’s edge. They will benefit from cloud-like convenience without sacrificing performance—effective data management by efficiently distributing data to user locations.

Overcoming the IT staffing shortage

One of the top edge computing predictions for 2022 is overcoming the IT staffing shortage. Edge computing eliminates the requirement for a dedicated IT team to maintain and control remote branch offices. An edge-based system with zero-touch provisioning from a single data center provides for efficient remote administration. As a result, businesses can have effective data management while also addressing the IT staffing shortage.

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