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Top Challenges IT Leaders Will Face in 2022

By Snigdha Mandal - January 21, 2022 3 Mins Read

Top Challenges IT Leaders Will Face in 2022-01

ensuring skills match for future enterprise needs, while facilitating a hybrid working environment, top the list of ongoing issues IT leaders will need to navigate in 2022

The hurdles IT leaders will face in 2022 include retaining and finding talent, improving security, and creating friendly and robust remote work environments. May these seem familiar, but the present pandemic has heightened these challenges.

Following are some significant concerns leaders need to address in 2022.

Competition for talent

One of the most frequent challenges leaders need to address in 2022 is finding eligible team members. Distributed workforces have enlarged the talent pool, and there are not enough people with the necessary skills.

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The global pandemic has forced many people to re-evaluate their career paths. While they balance the cost to attract top talent, people also recognize that few workers wish to be in-office, while some others want remote and hybrid working.

People with skills to drive digital transformation are getting harder to get, while the need for those skills has grown during the pandemic.

Skilled technically advanced workers and have experience with cloud environments; machine learning, data science, and software have always been in demand at tech companies. However, ubiquitous adoption of technologies has ensured that those skills are in demand at nearly every company, creating greater competition to land top-notch developers, software engineers, and data analysts.

mismatch of Skillset

Leaders find a gap in skills between their current employees’ capabilities and critical areas necessary for success in the next three to five years, including data science, digital transformation, and innovation. One must ensure their workforce has the skill set needed to take business where it needs to go.

Many leaders will struggle to fill key technology positions, leading to a two-pronged approach to external talent acquisition. There are substantial knowledge gaps and a focus on up-skilling and re-skilling existing top IT performers.

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Maintaining hybrid environments

to get a sense of what the hybrid work environment of the near future will look like, CIOs should understand the issues. One such issue is the reliability of collaborative tools both in the office and in employees’ homes. Audiovisual tools are a constant problem for CIOs as they present a slate of cost-compatibility, latency, and network reliability issues.

Combating cyber criminals

Companies fight the threat while cyber-attacks are expected to grow in number and sophistication this year. IT teams will constantly monitor suspicious activity and alert the organization when threats to corporate assets are discovered.

A proactive monitoring strategy will ease the burden on IT and security teams by resolving potential issues before they turn into breaches. This will also break the ongoing cycle of security gaps within hybrid business models.

In 2022 ransomware will continue to be the most significant security issue. Organizations should continuously improve the security of their devices and networks to keep their organizations secure.

shortages of technology

Some people are working to navigate the fallout from a global microchip, and this shortage is affecting most industries. The supply chain challenges for IT hardware and equipment are authentic, and in 2022, this will be a significant issue for leaders to address.

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