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Three Ways for Optimizing the Employee Experience in Hybrid Work

By Umme Sutarwala - February 14, 2022 4 Mins Read

Three Ways for Optimizing the Employee Experience in Hybrid Work-01

Companies all around the world talk about how essential the customer experience is, and they are not wrong. It’s a top concern for them, too, because they wouldn’t be in business if it were not for their consumers. However, it is also critical to concentrate on providing an exceptional employee experience.

Employees that are invested, feel acknowledged and challenged, have a sense of humor, and are connected to the organization’s objective are more likely to provide an excellent customer experience. They have improved the quality of the product they deliver, the manner they serve consumers and their empathy for the customer, and what they go through on a daily basis. All of this is made a little easier when firms have invested in their staff.

For a multitude of reasons, having a superior employee experience is critical, especially in today’s hypercompetitive employment market. It’s easier than ever to find a new job, which is why it’s vital to focus on improving the daily experience that the employees have. Businesses must foster a diverse and inclusive workforce by ensuring that employees are engaged in meaningful work, feel acknowledged, are well compensated, and have a clear career path.

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The role of information technology in the employee experience

IT is one of the most critical factors in reducing employee friction. Businesses can automate or digitize manual processes, eliminate redundant systems or logins, and fix systems that don’t communicate with one another. Companies can avoid applying patches when they are working on something critical, cut down on the time they spend on help desk calls, and limit the number of logins they have to monitor.

In a hybrid workplace, putting the employee’s experience first is critical

Many people today work in a hybrid work environment, which makes it difficult to provide a top-notch employee experience. Some members of the team may work remotely while others are in the office. There are various things firms can do to ensure that their employee experience is maintained when working with a hybrid team:

Examine the meeting space

It’s critical for organizations to ensure that everyone on the team is included, both in the office and when working remotely. This holds true for meeting spaces as well. Businesses should check their conference room or meeting space to see if they can see the whiteboard clearly so that everyone can understand what they are talking about. If a company uses virtual whiteboard technology, make sure that everyone can engage and that technological concerns are resolved as promptly as feasible. Companies should also verify that the technology they use is suitable not only for remote employees but also for customers and clients. One method to accomplish this is to put up a model home office within the workplace, where businesses can participate as remote employees to ensure that everything looks and functions properly.

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Conduct some meetings remotely

Similarly, regardless of who is in the office that day, organizations should hold certain meetings remotely. This puts everyone on an equal level, allowing them to stay laser-focused on the topic at hand. Companies should identify which meetings, such as operational reviews or status meetings are better suited for remote participation. Companies can even consider conducting all one-on-ones and coaching sessions remotely to ensure that everyone on the team receives equal face time.

Make time to communicate with others virtually

Ensuring that employees have a good time is a vital part of the employee experience. When they are in the office and can play Ping-Pong or go bowling together, it’s a lot easier, but it’s a lot more difficult when part of the team is remote. IT leaders should organize team-building events that can be completed remotely, such as virtual happy hours, virtual show-and-tells, and virtual meet-and-greets, in advance.

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