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Three Ways Cloud-Native Technologies Can Boost Business Growth

By Prangya Pandab - October 14, 2022 4 Mins Read

Kubernetes and Cloud-native technologies are the foundation of modernization that offers enterprises the speed to market, agility, and ability to develop innovative customer experiences crucial to thriving in today’s rapidly evolving digital environment.

Uncertain economic conditions are impacting budgets, especially in enterprise IT departments worldwide. However, to survive a potential recession, many CIOs are responding by choosing their technology investments with greater caution. CIOs and other business executives are determining which technology investments are necessary for the company’s operations and which technologies are just nice to have.

Digital transformation has altered how businesses do remote work, provide customer service, and introduce new products. The need for digital transformation has accelerated the adoption of cloud technologies by enterprises. For enterprises trying to increase the agility needed to compete in today’s fast-paced industry, cloud-native technologies are essential.

Businesses utilizing these cloud-native technologies are able to accelerate the development and enhancement of the applications that power their operations. To meet new customer demands or trends, for instance, businesses can more quickly add new features to their existing applications. In addition to quicker application development, a cloud-native strategy reduces operating costs and increases security and resilience.

Cloud-native technologies are essential for any company that wishes to survive and succeed in the current economic environment. Here are a few ways that cloud-native technologies can promote business growth.

Outpace Competitors

Companies everywhere are under pressure to modernize, become more agile, and shorten the time to market for their services and products. However, the speed at which companies must adopt new technology has quickened due to the acceleration of advancements in digital technologies. Numerous enterprises are finding it difficult to keep up with the rapid advancements in the cloud, AI/ML, Kubernetes, and edge and IoT computing.

The most agile companies, especially those with cutting-edge technology that gives them a clear competitive edge, are able to adjust to the changing environment faster than their competitors during uncertain economic times. Advanced technologies like Kubernetes and cloud-native can help businesses manage and scale applications more effectively while providing necessary updates or new features instantly. By providing clients with top-notch customer service and distinctive digital experiences that can grow important revenue streams, businesses are able to outperform competitors.

Greater Efficiency with Lower Costs 

Organizations are increasingly looking to technology to increase IT infrastructure productivity and save costs. The deployment of containerized applications at scale is made possible rapidly and effectively by Kubernetes, one of the key technologies of cloud-native computing. In comparison to what is now regarded as legacy virtualization-based methodologies, this automation speeds the deployment of cloud-native apps and lowers operational expenses.

With a plethora of new features for innovative applications and automation, Kubernetes, the ideal foundation for AI, is accelerating AI adoption and development. The ability to properly leverage AI to produce better products will be a deciding element in enabling businesses to gain a competitive edge. Businesses that learn to use AI and cloud-native technologies will be able to create smarter, more advanced products in a quicker and more agile manner.

New Experiences

The smartphone is a good example of how the widespread use of smart devices and applications has significantly altered how customers purchase and how businesses serve and sell. Businesses must deliver products and services to consumers around-the-clock while managing massive volumes of data traffic if they want to achieve consistent growth and develop new revenue streams. Organizations can deliver uninterrupted service and distinctive experiences by managing and enhancing their IT infrastructure and operations using Kubernetes and integrating AI/ML technologies.

The Way Forward

For many organizations, cost saving is an inevitable necessity in the current economic scenario. Although embracing AI, Kubernetes, edge, and cloud-native technologies can provide better business outcomes and enhanced profitability, competent CIOs will recognize the opportunities and match technology investment spending with them.

While short-term cost savings may result from scaling down cloud-native IT modernization activities, doing so could gravely harm the competitive position and long-term health of an organization.

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Prangya Pandab

Prangya Pandab is an Associate Editor with OnDot Media. She is a seasoned journalist with almost seven years of experience in the business news sector. Before joining ODM, she was a journalist with CNBC-TV18 for four years. She also had a brief stint with an infrastructure finance company working for their communications and branding vertical.

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