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Video Meetings – Three Ways CIOs Can Connect with their Team

By Sneha Bokil - July 23, 2020 2 Mins Read

CIOs are using video meetings to stay connected with their team members as they are working remotely.

The COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses to work remotely thereby increasing their reliability on video meetings. Video-conferencing apps like Google Meet, Zoom, and others have become crucial tools for business as they help IT leaders be well connected with their team.

Here are a few ways CIOs can make the most of video meetings.

1. Create deeper partnerships

Several CIOs are using video-conferencing technology to establish an online form of IT leadership. Even though they are getting a lot of work done via this mode, it has also been equally extreme and tiring. Tech leaders are also looking at the positives of working remotely as they are feeling more connected to their team and fellow business leaders because of video meetings. Video conferencing on a daily basis has helped them focus on quality and a real partnership.

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2. Stay in touch with the team with virtual visits

CIOs can also start conducting casual virtual visits with their team without having any set agendas. Ensure employees that they can connect and discuss any issues or questions by setting a dedicated time. With the online meetings, leaders can connect with several people without worrying about geographic proximity as opposed to talking with a limited group of people when in an office.

3. Role of an office is still vital

There are several organizations such as Square, Twitter, Shopify, and others have already asked their employees they can work from home forever. However, there are some companies that are unconvinced and say that a physical office space still holds a crucial role in effective working practices. Organizations still need places where people can come together and collaborate for particular work as it is easier to be conducted face to face, especially while designing products and services.

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It is also important to understand that remote working is not just about video meetings. With no time spent in commuting, people are using the extra time to align on their priorities and be much more focused on their needs. This feeling is a result of being able to be connected with everybody and working towards achieving the same goals together.


Sneha Bokil

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