Three Traits of an Indispensable CIO

Three Traits of an Indispensable CIO

Succeeding in today’s enterprise landscape requires CIOs to exhibit certain traits that will give them the upper-hand while communicating with board members. Moreover, acquiring these traits can also help them to influence decisions while simultaneously becoming an indispensable asset.

Today’s enterprise landscape demands more from CIOs. Instead of being only responsible for managing the technology aspects, many organizations want their CIOs to actively participate in overall growth discussions. So the modern CIO needs to also exhibit more business acumen. They should be able to maintain the goals and objectives of the organization while ensuring their teams remain supported, motivated and successful in their endeavors. Most importantly, they should be able to align the technology roadmap of the organizations with the business objectives.

CIOs strive to incorporate certain traits to get the most out of their career and become an asset for their organizations. Here are a certain traits CIOs can incorporate to become indispensable   in their organizations:

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Be responsible for promoting creativity and innovation

The pace of technology evolution is unprecedented. Meaning, CIOs not only possess the ability to predict advancements in technology but also possess the power of agility and flexibility. They should always be ready to respond to the latest technological developments at any given moment.

The willingness of the organization to take challenges head-on is critical for the health of the entire organization. Clearly, the leader who embodies such traits can be an inspiration to the team members. Hence, CIOs must promote a culture of innovation from day one. They should manage the response to external factors, and the best way to approach it is by being the catalysts for change. This enables them to prevent stagnation and being outpaced by competitors.

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Be an Effective Communicator

Being a member of the C-suite, CIOs should have exceptional communication skills. Since they are in a better position to influence the board, they must enhance their communication skills that facilitate dialogue between different parties across the enterprise, thanks to the pandemic.

CIOs should also possess the ability to effectively exchange information with their team members. They should clearly and succinctly describe the scope of the project and outline business goals and objectives while showing the ability to handle miscommunications.

CIOs should be comfortable to tackle difficult or sensitive situations as they arise. Otherwise, they would do a disservice to the team. Additionally, being transparent with the team members makes it much easier for CIOs to effectively communicate with multiple teams within the organization.

Show business acumen

Most organizations require a technology roadmap that they can fully integrate into the master business strategy. Instead of only working on the technical aspects of the enterprise infrastructure, CIO should also show acumen of business. They should help their counterparts understand, irrespective of the transformation journey of the organization, that it is the technology that helps them to drive customer experience, efficiency, productivity and growth.

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One way for CIOs to start understanding the business side of the organization is to connect well with their business colleagues, customers, and clients. This will help them to develop better relationships with team and business partners. Moreover, CIOs will be effectively able to communicate their requirements while also acting as an active and knowledgeable strategic advisor on business priorities.

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