Three Strategies for Successful Onboarding of Employees

Three Strategies for Successful Onboarding of Employees-01

Attracting top talent requires organizations to rethink the way they recruit prospective employees. With fierce competition and employees becoming pickier, organizations should start thinking about the onboarding experience of their employees.

COVID-19 has driven digital transformation at an unprecedented rate. Not only has it significantly transformed the business operation along with the employment market, but many industry experts will also become permanent.

Today, with multiple options at their disposal, talented prospective employees have become pickier than ever before. They select employers that respect their time and abilities and meet their requirements for a modern experience while providing solutions that will make their work productive, efficient as well as a pleasant experience. Therefore, organizations should start taking initiatives that will appeal to their prospective employees. They should start improving the first impression by making onboarding a critical phase in the employee lifecycle.

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In fact, according to SRHM’s “Onboarding New Employees: Maximizing Success,” employee turnover can be as much as 50% in the first four months for hourly employees and 50% in the first 18 months for senior recruits. Being the first introduction to the organization, the onboarding process can help organizations to increase employee retention and productivity. Additionally, employees who have been through an effective onboarding process admit that they felt strongly connected at the job.

It is critical that today’s organizations get their onboarding right. Here are four strategies that they can implement for successful onboarding of the employees:

  • Give priority to employee experience 

As per industry experts, employee experience is the transformational model that will take their HR departments to the next level in their digital maturity. With employees scrutinizing the employers at every step, it is crucial that organizations make their onboarding process as seamless as possible. Meaning organizations should have easy-to-use applications that easily integrate with the tools at work. 

Often employee onboarding is a time-consuming process not only for employees but also for managers and HR departments. With the world operating in virtual mode, this challenge has exacerbated the onboarding process.

From registering employees for benefits to setting up their IT access, booking training slots, and even introducing new co-workers, it is vital for HR departments to effectively guide employees through their initial days with an intuitive and tailored digital experience. Thus, organizations should create appealing, easy-to-use user interfaces that are backed by sophisticated automation tools to orchestrate many back-end processes as well as interdependent communications that need to happen.

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  • Opt for the latest application development platform for creating tailored and cross-device digital onboarding experiences 

Organizations should incorporate tools that can easily capitalize on visual development, allowing them to build sophisticated, enterprise-grade applications. This will help them to avoid manual processes and to interact with disparate generic systems. Additionally, integrating these tools in the enterprise infrastructure will help organizations to build applications that provide a single source of truth. Furthermore, this will allow them to integrate multiple internal and external systems while automating processes for all stakeholders involved.

Retain top talent with the exceptional onboarding experience

For organizations, employee onboarding is the first chance for them to let their employees know whether their organization is worthy of their long-term investment. Thus, organizations should take every opportunity to enhance it and stand out from the competition.

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