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Three Strategies for Hiring the Right Remote Talent

By Vishal Muktewar - November 15, 2021 3 Mins Read

Three Strategies for Hiring the Right Remote Talent

Relying on traditional hiring practices for hiring remote employees can lead to hiring those that may not be suitable for the organization’s culture. Therefore, IT leaders should consider rethinking their hiring practices to attract the right talent.

The shift towards adopting remote and hybrid work means that organizations need to rethink their culture. While today’s employees’ expectations are increased in these work environments, building a cohesive culture is not an easy feat. If not prepared well, it can lead to change fatigue, apathy, and frustration, which can decrease the productivity and morale of the existing employees.

Organizations seeking to establish an inclusive and thoughtful remote work culture should rethink their hiring process. Regardless of their role, the right candidates will require the necessary technical background that will fit into the culture the organization is developing. Here are four strategies CIOs should consider while hiring the right remote talent:

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Investing in remote hiring procedure

The “Hidden Workers: Untapped Talent” study conducted by Harvard Business School and Accenture advises hiring managers to carefully evaluate their online job descriptions as they are more likely to alienate a large number of qualified candidates. Instead of repurposing the same general ads for every IT role, they should include the skills required to be successful in the job. If they fail to invest time in the upfront work ahead of the first interview, they will end up overlooking a solid resume and missing out on hiring the perfect talent.

CIOs should consider building in extra time to address the challenges that may emerge while holding remote interviews. This way, they can ensure that the candidates are not flustered during the processing while enabling CIOs to provide the full attention to discuss the opportunity at hand. By over-preparing themselves for the technology challenges that may arise, CIOs can create a better interview experience for their candidates.

Fostering transparency from the beginning

Transparency plays a critical role in the success of virtual work environments. It leads to greater buy-in and less friction among the employees and beings at the interview stage itself. While interviewing, CIOs should provide all the information about their hiring timeline and salary range and provide as much feedback as possible. Being transparent from the beginning enables CIOs to gain the trust and confidence of the talent.

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Providing in-depth information about the interview

If the candidates show up to the interview unprepared and are unsure about the logistics in place, then there’s a significant waste of time and resources. Thus, CIOs should equip the candidates with the resources they will require to succeed in the interview process to avoid such common issues. CIOs should also let them know about what they can expect during the hiring process. This will help to evaluate the candidates on their skills and cultural fit and assure that everyone is prepared for the interview.

By having the right strategies in place at every stage of the hiring process, CIOs will be able to hire the perfect candidates who inspire confidence and lead the organization towards success.

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