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Three Key Strategies for Retaining IT Talent in Hybrid Environment

By Umme Sutarwala - March 22, 2022 3 Mins Read

Three Key Strategies for Retaining IT Talent in Hybrid Environment-01

By far, the most substantial changes in the corporate world since the COVID-19 pandemic first struck has been the drastic shift to a remote work model, which has persisted more than 18 months later. As the pandemic fades, it’s clear that working styles have shifted, with most personnel seeking more workplace flexibility.

As enterprises entered into 2022, leaders and HR departments are occupied determining what the new year holds for the workplace. Organizations have not only embraced flexible work formats but have also made the transition to remote and hybrid work models permanent. They have realized that employees have lives outside of work and the challenges that come with it, and they have begun to consider health and wellbeing as part of personnel care.

According to a 2021 Microsoft survey, 41% of workers are still considering quitting jobs or switching careers, while a worldwide survey by EY showed that 54% of employees would consider resigning their jobs post-pandemic if they were not given some kind of flexibility in terms of when and where they work.

Here are a few strategies that companies can use to retain IT talent in a hybrid environment.

Recognize workers’ ideal work-life balance

People are divided into two camps: those who want to return to the structure and social contact of the office, and those who believe that working remotely boosts productivity and balance between work and life. Send out a company-wide survey, and have all leaders set up individual check-ins with direct reports to quantify their thoughts and emotions, and expectations about returning to work. What do they prefer: remote or office workplace? What kind of balance do they expect from a hybrid workplace? Some experts discovered that monitoring the timeframe it needs to accomplish routine projects makes the software development team more fruitful in a hybrid model.

Identifying the sweet spot for employee experience

Enterprises will flourish if they can find the ‘sweet spot’ of employee experience. They can gain from the younger generations’ unique perspectives and digital skills. Inclusion, individualism, versatility, purpose, entrepreneurship, well-being, and personal development will be critical focus areas in this battle for talent.

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The COVID-19 pandemic created an opportunity to completely overhaul how people can operate and work collaboratively with one another. This entails positioning the tech firm as a hybrid-first model in order to win the game for top talent.

Improve communication, even among dispersed teams

Face-to-face collaboration is truly priceless. Working in the office allows coworkers to have informal in-person conversations about valuable concepts. It also allows for socialization, which aids fosters the formation of stronger bonds among teams and can boost innovation.

Having said that, technology has advanced significantly, allowing employees to work remotely while still communicating and collaborating easily with coworkers regardless of where they are located. Major corporations have spun out improved features that make collaboration easier since the pandemic commenced.

Employees can relish the perfect mix of both worlds by implementing a hybrid work model. They can reap the benefits of collective, in-person relationships when they are in the office workspace, while also having the option to work remotely on tasks that need intense concentration without losing touch with coworkers.

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