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3 Critical Data Efforts Needed Before Moving to the Cloud

By ET Bureau - January 29, 2019 3 Mins Read

3 Critical Data Efforts Needed Before Moving to the Cloud

It’s interesting to see a large number of enterprises moving the cloud, without considering data modernization as part of their cloud migration strategy- and not understanding the risk.

But not many realise that not doing data modernization as part of moving to the cloud will cost you much more than you think you are saving. It is a no-brainer that Data should be a first-class citizen when it comes to the cloud initiative. While it’s true that  the list of number of things significant for cloud migration is pretty long, Data is as important as anything. Safely,  the ROI for investments that are made on data are much higher than anything else. Here are three things enterprises can do right to reap the benefits of prioritising data during a cloud migration:

Special-purpose databases could be your trump card

Whether it is a Blockchain database, an in-memory database, a distributed database, or a data lake, special-purpose databases that are built for a particular purpose may be better fits for your applications. With relational databases demanding higher and higher license fees, moving to a special-purpose database not only will be an increase in functionality and optimization, but it is likely to be much cheaper in the cloud. So ask the right questions to the right people, and create a cost optimization roadmap even during the migration.

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Choose The Best Available Models and Structures

Most organizations just pick up badly designed databases, and  place them on the cloud. The process of migrating to the cloud may be the best time for considering other databases models, such as object databases and graph databases. Even if that is not being fine, it certainly is time to take a relook at the deficiencies

However, what is pretty much mandatory is that any deficiencies in the existing structures must be revised, to be completely aligned to the business objectives. This is critical, because with the dynamic business scenario, objectives and needs change but if the databases stay the same, agility and strategic planning will take a hit.

Remove redundancy

Like a good spring cleaning, migrating to the cloud should be the time for finding any redundancy and eliminating them from the databases. Getting rid of out-dated versions, inventory data is a very smart thing to do while moving to the cloud. It is time to remove database redundancy and come up with single sources of truth for the data.

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