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Three Characteristics Today’s CDOs Should Have

By Vishal Muktewar - February 23, 2022 3 mins read

Succeeding today’s ever-evolving complexity of data requires CDOs to have certain skills and traits.

Organizations across the globe are rushing to capitalize on the constantly growing data. With its many benefits, ranging from improving operational efficiency to assisting in additional sources of income, data has become a strategic element of an organization. However, many in their data endeavor are not achieving the success they desire. 

As per a 2020 report from Sigma Computing titled, “Breaking down the data language barrier,” 63% of the organizations gather inadequate or insufficient data which is unstructured as well.  This requires the skills of experienced Chief Data Officers (CDOs) who can create and drive teams to extract the maximum insights form this data, after cleaning and structuring it. But, the uncertainty present in today’s enterprise environment makes it a challenging task as organizations demand to create more value from their data assets than ever before.

Achieving such a monumental feat demands CDOs to possess certain key traits. Here are three essential skills and characteristics that today’s CDOs need to have- achieve their goals:

Understanding of Data

While there is no doubt that CDOs should have a strong sense of the value of data, they should also need to apply it at a broad strategic level. Data acuteness should not just be about technologies to support data-driven decision-making but should also include an understanding of how the data of organizations should support or enhance their mission. 

Since the different processes within the organization generate vast amounts of data, it is the responsibility of CDO to guide the evolution of data from information to intelligence. They should support actionable decisions by both the C-suite and operational teams. Additionally, CDOs should be passionate about data that they are mesmerized by the power of data and the potential it has. They should understand the big picture and the day-to-day data operations.

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Insatiable curiosity

With the rapid evolution of technologies, CDOs should be curious about the latest developments and how their organizations can capitalize on these opportunities. They should continually strive to shift and change their environment. 

CDOs should demonstrate a position of constant learning to their teams and the organization. They should build an environment where there is room for taking inputs from multiple stakeholders while the CDOs strive to develop that answer.

Along with being curious and open to feedback, CDOs should adapt as things change. They should also adopt a mindset required to solve problems, as data applications to intelligence are not a straight line or formula. 

Cross-organizational teamwork or collaboration

Success in today’s CDO role requires individuals to engage with a large group of stakeholders needed for ultimate success to transform data into a competitive advantage and differentiation. 

CDOs do not have ownership of the data systems of an organization. Also, CIOs, CISOs, and IT directors often act as gatekeepers to the operational data, limiting their access to a select few. Hence, they should strive to build and maintain relationships with key individuals. Strengthening relationships with them will allow CMOs to facilitate access, awareness and integration of data that support disseminating actionable intelligence to the appropriate decision-makers.

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Vishal Muktewar

Vishal Muktewar is a Senior Correspondent at On Dot Media. He reports news that focuses on the latest trends and innovations happening in the B2B industry. An IT engineer by profession, Vishal has worked at Insights Success before joining Ondot. His love for stories has driven him to take up a career in enterprise journalism. He effectively uses his knowledge of technology and flair for writing, for crafting features, articles and interactions for technology enterprise media platforms.

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