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Three Approaches to Retain IT Talent in the Midst of the Great Resignation

By Umme Sutarwala - December 06, 2021 3 Mins Read

Since IT employment prospects are so competitive right now, professionals are leaving their positions faster than recent graduates can fill them. However, even small teams can compete with large players and recruit and hire great talent.

The current labor market conditions are likely to persist into 2022, according to BCG’s 2021 survey, “The great executive employee disconnect”, conducted in partnership with Future Forum, with 57% of the over 10,000 surveyed workers from around the world saying they would consider taking a new job next year.

Employees nowadays value flexibility above all else. Many people are unwilling to return to full-time in-person jobs after demonstrating that they can be just as productive (if not more) working remotely. Flexible work policies, a focus on up skilling, and competitive benefits should all be part of the plan to establish a workplace tailored to the employee of 2021.

However, how do companies attract the best candidates? In the midst of the great resignation, here are three strategies to attract outstanding personnel.

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Emphasize the possibility of growth

For recent graduates, a solid professional growth curve is a must-have. It’s a win-win situation for both employers and employees if career growth initiatives are made explicit early in the hiring process. Even if employee retention continues to decrease, a clear path to advancement can attract recruits and convince them to stay longer.

Mentorship programs, up skilling time, and frequent communication with corporate officials can all help young employees feel like they are on the right track. These efforts can also encourage communication and interaction, which helps to enhance business culture and boost employee satisfaction.

Organize a hackathon

Hackathons take a lot of planning, but the return on investment can be enormous for corporations. Hackathons are a relatively straightforward way to develop relationship-building and facilitate networking among rising stars in the sector, in addition to bringing a big number of bright people to the business. Businesses should think about adopting virtual technologies to replicate the type of collaboration that used to take place on the conference floor.

Ideation and development are the two parts of the most successful hackathons. Developers submit ideas for assessment in the first phase, which can last up to 30 days. After that, the best applications are invited to take part in a month-long development process. Because busy developers can work at their own pace, two-phased, self-paced hackathons foster more invention.

Another advantage: a hackathon could lead to the next big company idea. Set the rules of the hackathon rules in order to solve a problem or a pain point within the company. Potential employees will be more motivated to join a company that is focused on growth and optimization, especially if they have helped to create it. A hackathon is a terrific way to showcase what makes the company stand out.

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During the interview process, go the extra mile

A memorable interview process can mean the difference between a stellar applicant choosing one company over one of their competitors. Small gestures that demonstrate a company’s desire in developing a good professional relationship with its prospects, and giving them a desirable growth path can make a great difference. Simply sending a handwritten note can help firms build a relationship with the candidates they are looking for.

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Umme Sutarwala

Umme Sutarwala is a Global News Correspondent with OnDot Media. She is a media graduate with 2+ years of experience in content creation and management. Previously, she has worked with MNCs in the E-commerce and Finance domain

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