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The role of real-time data analytics in improving and guiding business decisions

By Megana Natarajan - February 22, 2021 4 Mins Read

The role of real-time data analytics in improving and guiding business decisions

Real-time data analytics helps in improving business operations by constant analysis and processing data chunks to give instant data

Enterprise leaders say that data is also referred to as the digital currency. It acts as fuel for modern enterprises. In the present day scenario, enterprises are consistently bombarded with a huge amount of data that needs to be collected, analyzed, and processed. Thus it isn’t easy to deliver important and effective business results instantly.

Real-time data analytics solves the time delay between data collection and processing. Accuracy and speed are important in data analytics.

The modern business environment requires real-time data to efficiently deliver data, reduce downtimes and costs, and improve business decisions.

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Advantages of real-time data analytics

CIOs point out that the enterprises are observing a digital shift in business, that now requires better agility and time efficient operations. Business intelligence has expanded to a scale where it is adjusting to the automation of IT and development operations for ensuring better growth. Leaders believe that majority of the new business systems will leverage continuous intelligence that utilizes real-time context data for improving decisions.

Real-time data analytics serves better solutions to business complexities and satisfies market trends and customer experience.

Quicker and improved business decisions

Real-time data analytics processes and analyzes data to serve business insights. Such results can be utilized to modify or improve business decisions and strategies. As real-time analysis takes place instantly, there will be no missing out on information or data. In the current fast-paced world, there is increased demand for faster data processing. Real-time analytics ensures it is possible by enabling business decisions. As the insights are fresh at every moment, it helps detect issues and solve them at the correct time.

Improving operational processes

Leaders believe that monitoring of operation and management systems is vital for organizations to ensure better productivity. Real-time analytics enable organizations to understand the working structure and use of resources and if the improvement is required in the operational processes.

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Increased focus on customer experience

CIOs point out that customer-centric businesses are in higher demand as businesses shift brick and mortar retail shops to online platforms. Improved customer experience boost business growth and performance. Thus customer satisfaction is the vital key for the maintenance of a good reputation.

Real-time data is critical to tracking online customer behavior and personalizing the services as per requirements. It is better to change product designs as per the consumer trends as real time data analytics makes it possible by providing the best insights and decision support. Real-time data collation is vital for customer communications in direct contact centers. It informs the employees about the customer history, which reduced the time gap.

Reduced frauds and errors

Enterprise leaders believe that utilizing real-time data analytics will help reduce errors and boost operational efficiency. Data can be analyzed every second, and this will enable enterprises to act on issues and errors at the correct time. Implementing real-time analytics to the security measures allow early detection of frauds. Consistent monitoring of the operational space is ensured and helps detect suspicious movement, hacking, and theft in real-time.

Improve revenue and agility

Experienced leaders say that real-time data analytics is the perfect solution for improved business decisions that ensure business agility. It, in turn, accelerates revenue and market value. Real-time data helps detect and predict issues and ensures easy, seamless functioning of the enterprises with reduced downtimes. Fewer downtimes entail better productivity and profit for the organization.

There will be an expansion in IoT connections and automation in the coming years that will bring about the exponential growth of data. As a result, real-time data analytics will benefit businesses across all industries at reduced production costs and better outcomes.


Megana Natarajan

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