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The Next Tech Boom: A Contactless Enterprise

By Prangya Pandab - November 11, 2020 3 Mins Read

The Next Tech Boom Creating and Sustaining a Contactless Enterprise

Technological innovations are advancing at an incredible pace, and sometimes it’s easy to forget the brilliant minds behind cutting-edge innovations. Effective use of both human touch and digital resources will be crucial in achieving success in the foreseeable future

With enterprises worldwide emerging from the Covid-19 crisis, there is a typical drift and push for technology innovation.

There is a need to create and sustain a contactless enterprise, not just for product delivery but also in automating end-to-end processes behind the product.

Even with the Coronavirus crisis behind us, companies still want to minimize physical contact. Companies had to adapt and be agile and creative at the same time to survive in the present environment.

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Providing the customers with the best and most secure digital purchasing experience, from the beginning to all the way through to payment, has become increasingly important.

With the economy slowly reopening, businesses benefit from applying the lessons they learned over the past few months.

Many found new ways for operational efficiencies and also built new revenue streams by embedding technology into their processes and business. Today’s businesses are under pressure to build a structure that can withstand future global disruptions.

Building businesses with automation first- processes, delivers the agility to respond to the market.  It allows companies to instantly respond to changed market conditions, commercial expectations, or consumer demands.

So, what is the role of people in the contactless enterprise that has emerged from the pandemonium? As enterprises emerge and realign themselves in this post-pandemic world, technology is no longer occupying the front-row seat. It has, in fact, taken up the whole front row.

Companies specializing in software-defined workflows, cloud-based virtualization, and AI-led automation have been eagerly meeting the rising demand for contactless enterprises.

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But we forget about the people needed to build and maintain these new contactless platforms and provide the ingenuity and innovation to make them useful and productive.

There is an ever-growing demand for technology to get more efficient so that the dependence on people can be reduced.

Creating and establishing sophisticated systems supported by AI algorithms can open new paths, but it takes human thinking to pilot it through uncertainty and identify new opportunities.

It’s quite easy to say everything will be digital, but there is a need for a combination of human expertise and Artificial Intelligence to see true value and success in the future. To be effective and gain value from digital transformation initiatives requires a change management process that takes people into consideration.

The business model is mostly adopted is a collaboration of powerful AI platforms that enable subject matter experts to scale their impact and insights more rapidly and effectively.

Enterprises were not prepared for the impacts of Covid-19 and had taken for granted all of the technology that works harmoniously in the background, from machines producing the products to the supply chain, getting it from one point to the other.

It will be wise to remember, there is no one technology that is most impactful, but it’s how humans understand how to get the most out of it, constructively and efficiently.

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Prangya Pandab

Prangya Pandab is an Associate Editor with OnDot Media. She is a seasoned journalist with almost seven years of experience in the business news sector. Before joining ODM, she was a journalist with CNBC-TV18 for four years. She also had a brief stint with an infrastructure finance company working for their communications and branding vertical.

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