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The need for enterprises to be aware of increased convergence of IT and OT systems

By Megana Natarajan - February 19, 2021 3 Mins Read

The need for enterprises to be aware of increased convergence of IT and OT systems

Enterprise leaders say that as more enterprises converge their information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) features, it is time to reconsider the reanalyze the process of securing the systems

The damage caused by increased security threats has bought organizations to a standstill along with causing significant reputational damage. The issue is further increased because such digital threats are now capable of infiltrating IoT at an industrial scale. It compromises the operational features of businesses.

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As more organizations converge their IT and OT features, it is vital to rethink securing systems to create a big enough strategy to encompass all segments. Ransomware attacks have hit prominent enterprises in 2020,   clearly demonstrating the obvious and dangerous capability of malicious software spreading from IT to OT networks at a rapid pace. This is a potential threat for all converged networks.

CIOs point out that operational technology (OT) has formed the core of modern-day enterprises and has become a vital value victim for malicious actors. It is important that enterprises develop methods to safeguard their converged networks.

The impact on businesses due to convergence of IT and OT

Leaders clarify that the convergence of IT and OT entails integrating systems that process physical events with software at the back-end that conveys information.

Developing security culture in the organization

Cybersecurity training and awareness has gained increased precedence; however, human beings continue to be the easiest target for nefarious actors. Thus it means that the guests and employees are the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain.

Developing bridges across technologies

Enterprise leaders believe that Application Programming Interface (API) enables users to share important data between various applications and devices. Detailed documentation is present for APIs for providing transparency to developers that can be used during coding. It is acknowledged that the same transparency can behave as a blueprint for cybercriminals exposing them to possibly sensitive data and logic.

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Leaders say that protection of software and applications from such attacks with API collaboration tools that give vulnerability analysis of applications provides the visibility required for taking accurate and relevant security measures.

Protecting the converged landscape

Conventional tools used for the protection of IT networks are no longer capable of providing the required fortification of enterprises as cyber-criminals continue their attacks on the OT systems. It calls for specialized security knowledge and training that is capable of protecting the enterprise without affecting the capabilities.

Selecting the right VPN for remote access

Leaders say that as more people utilize the internet, a higher volume of information is exposed to the cloud, making it more liable to hacks and threats. However, a VPN helps encrypt the data sent across the web, making it impossible for hackers to access the data.

VPNs are also capable of hiding IP addresses and protecting the browsing history from unwanted eyes. The built-in encryption protocols, VPNs help hide personally identifiable customer information in transit from any nefarious actor who breaches the system.

In the current digital age, end-users and customers need instant access to data without losing out on their personal data. However, the enterprises that are involved in protecting the operational environments risk the data of their clients and employees consistently. It is vital for the success of an organization to ensure integrity, confidentiality, and safety of networks and data in the long run.

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