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The Global SD-WAN Market to Touch $53 Billion by 2030

By Sudipta Choudhury - January 28, 2021 3 Mins Read

The Global SD-WAN Market to Touch _53 Billion by 2030

The rapid adoption of 5G solutions and infrastructure will substantially dominate the global SD-WAN market, claims a recent study.

With the pandemic-induced digital marketplace, the IT infrastructure is rapidly expanding with evolving business and technology needs. This includes security threat solutions, adoption of cloud platforms for different business teams, remote working tools, and more.

As a result, this adoption rate is anticipated to fuel the progress of the SD-WAN market in the coming years. A recent report by Persistence Market Research revealed that the global SD-WAN market is anticipated to grow rapidly – reaching a valuation of $53 billion globally by the end of 2030.

Enterprises currently prefer a software-defined vast area network as it allows the bounding of several internet access resources. This is valid for digital subscriber lines (DSL), cables, and cellular/ any other IP transport to deliver high throughput data channels.

As per experts, WAN solutions enhance application performance, reduce costs, and increase agility – while addressing countless IT challenges. Hence, companies adopt SD-WAN solutions to tackle cyber risks and simplify WAN network management. Besides, it is efficient for offloading expensive circuits.

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The principle highlights from the study are:

  • The appliances division in the SD-WAN market is projected to gain significant share – owing to the growing adoption of cloud platforms.
  • The increasing requirement for fast services, application agility, and secure access into cloud applications heightens the demand for SD-WAN solutions.
  • The enterprise segment by end-user is most likely to hold a significant share in the market, attributable to the adoption of the associated SD-WAN services.
  • This rapid adoption of 5G apps and infrastructure is expected to result in substantial dominance of North America – in the worldwide SD-WAN market.
  • With companies globally relying more on remote operations due to the ongoing pandemic, the SD-WAN market is all set to proliferate extensively from now.

As mentioned in the report – “Number of partnerships between service providers and vendors in the SD-WAN marketplace is growing quickly. SD-WAN services offer service providers new opportunities to enhance the consumer experience. This factor is expected to increase adoption of SD-WAN during the forecast period.”

Certainly, the technology advancements in the SD-WAN solutions will boost the market growth. The rising use of cloud, IoT, and mobile applications have increased the need for edge services. In its essence, cloud-based services are the major centers for deploying IT tools as they lower the IT infrastructure costs.

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Moreover, it powers the speed of services for businesses. Hence, the cloud-based solution segment is estimated to witness high demand – due to its wide range of functionalities, including automation, increased flexibility, and faster services.


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