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The Added Potential of CSPs for Enterprise Edge

By Chandni U - June 01, 2021 3 Mins Read

The Added Potential of CSPs for Enterprise Edge

All future innovations converge at enterprise edge and Communication Service Providers can help address challenges

The changing times have rewritten the company rules for enterprises from their business strategies, martech stack to the offered services and products. With new customer demands and technology trends, CMOs are being forced to extend their security measures everywhere, not just within the corporate campuses.

Experts indicate ground breaking innovations to hit the market in the next few years. There might be enhanced Internet of Things connectivity, improved telehealth solutions, and empowered autonomous transportation. Businesses across sectors are beginning to gravitate not only towards customers but also available technology assets.

All the future innovations converge at the enterprise edge. Industry leaders opine that the edge has also changed. With no fixed borders, it can now change from one use case to another, requiring digital infrastructure abilities with a new age underlay network.

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Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are transforming to address the challenge. Experts strongly believe that CMOs can now look at CSPs beyond facilities-based telecom providers. With edge-native applications and their real-time demands on the underlay network, CSPs can provide the required path for edge transformation.

Reimaging the enterprise edge showcases massive potential and new possibilities. There are several tools to adapt to the dynamic landscape. Apart from SASE, the C suite can look at distributed edge computing. It can enable enterprises to push real-time decision-making and application intelligence towards users and assets. A central data center might not be beneficial anymore.

The potential of 5G has been considered by global enterprises but certain challenges can still impact business growth. For instance, the dynamic use of cloud resources can cause silos with different business departments through various clouds. The IT stack might get extremely complicated making cybersecurity harder to maintain.

Such hyper-scale edge solutions might sound exciting and powerful but different edge offerings might not always work well together. Enterprises could easily be trapped in a cloud and application provider’s goal for the edge rather than focus on their own vision. Experts reckon that an improved CSP might fix this complication as well.

CSP can deliver solutions in the edge value chain that is not possible by any other asset. They can break down cloud silos within an enterprise and provide a single CSP-driven overlay and operational model. Additionally, enterprise security and network for a more fungible edge, CSPs are delivering closer relationships with SD-WAN and endpoint security providers.

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Establishing a bridge between enterprises and hyper-scale cloud providers, industry leaders need not stick to one provider. CSPs are the intermediaries, and company executives can find innovation from two or all cloud services without the concern of a lock-in.

Enterprises are at a crossroad where they can either look at new edge capabilities as a cloud extension or choose to witness the birth of a market segment that has the potential to be bigger than cloud opportunity. With edge-native applications requiring transient and on-demand services, re-visualizing edge and CSP roles is the right move forward.

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