Tech Trends to Watch in 2022

Tech Trends to Watch in 2022-01

Predicting the future of the computer industry is complicated and riskier task as there are dramatic changes in technology and limitless avenues for innovation. A small fraction of innovations only truly disrupt the state of art. While some technologies are not practical and cost-effective, some are ahead of their time, and some even do not have a market. Like every year there is the buzz around the tech world about those technologies that will emerge in the 2022 and lead the market globally.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) recently released a survey of global technology leaders, including 350 CTOs, CIOs, and IT directors from the U.S., U.K., China, India, and Brazil. The study covers the most critical technologies in 2022.

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Innovation, Sustainability and the Future

About 21% of respondents say AI and machine learning will be the essential technologies next year. However, 20% voted for cloud computing, and nearly 17% supported 5G as the emerging technology in 2022.

Technology leaders in the survey revealed that due to the global pandemic and remote working usage of cloud computing (60%), AI and machine learning (51%), and 5G (46%) had been increased. This revelation, however, is not surprising as 95% of respondents agreed that artificial intelligence would drive the majority of innovation across nearly every industry sector in the next five years.

According to the technology leaders following areas will get most of the 5G benefit in the next year:

  • telemedicine that includes remote surgery and health record transmissions (24%)
  • education and remote learning (20%)
  • personal and professional day-to-day communications (15%)
  • entertainment, sports and live event streaming (14%)
  • manufacturing and assembly (13%)
  • transportation and traffic control (7%)
  • carbon footprint reduction and energy efficiency (5%)
  • agriculture and farming (2%)

Human Resources- Workplace technologies collaboration

Following the global pandemic and hybrid work, 97% of technology leaders agree that their team works even closer with the HR managers than earlier. This collaboration is essential to implement workplace technologies and apps for office check-in, space usage data and analytics, COVID and health protocols, employee productivity, engagement, and mental health.

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Rising usage of Robots

About 81% of respondents said that robots would enhance one-quarter of what humans do in the next five years. According to 77% of technology leaders, robots will change the scenario of all the organizations to improve nearly every business function from sales and human resources to marketing and IT in the same time frame. The survey revealed that robots would benefit humanity in the best possible way.

Connected devices to proliferate

51% of technology leaders surveyed believe the number of devices connected to their businesses that they need to track and manage due to the shift to hybrid work and the pandemic. This includes smartphones, tablets, sensors, robots, vehicles, drones.

preparedness and deployment of Cyber and physical security technologies

The cyber security concern is most likely to be in technology leaders’ top issue related to the mobile and hybrid workforce, including employees using their own devices (39%) and cloud vulnerability (35%). Datacenter vulnerability (27%), a coordinated attack on their network (26%), and ransomware attack (25%) are some additional concerns.

Many tech leaders (59%) surveyed currently use or plan to use drones for security, surveillance, or threat prevention as part of their business model.

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