Sustainable AI Deployment will be the Main Focus of Enterprises in 2020

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Sustainable AI Deployment will be the Main Focus of Enterprises in 2020

Although there has been a surge in companies’ adoption of AI, the majority of them will focus more on sustainable AI deployment.

For the past few years, organizations have been targeting AI implementation in siloes. However, in 2020  enterprises are expected to take on limited AI projects, which will pave the way for more investments. The number of executives deploying AI enterprise-wide within their businesses is expected to drop significantly in 2020, as per the PwC’s annual “AI Predictions” report. Only 4% of executives are looking forward to deploying AI enterprise-wide down as compared to 20% in 2018.

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More than 90% of executives believe that AI offers more opportunities than risks. Today, organizations are not abandoning AI; instead, they are going back to the fundamentals of and refocusing on more sustainable AI. Enterprises are finding it challenging to explain ROI around a topic that is being redefined continuously. To create a long term and sustainable AI strategy, it is essential to get everyone within the company familiar with the fundamentals of AI. Companies that have focused on the limited and separate deployment of AI are hindering themselves. A large number of organizations have several small projects that are struggling to reap the benefits of AI.

Several executives are looking forward to focusing on individual projects instead of infusing AI into the company as a whole. Organizations that are seeking more profits need to take a step back and reevaluate the steps necessary to implement sustainable AI. One of the reasons for its slow development may well be the people and culture of the organization. To apply an internal AI strategy, there have to be transformative business changes; however, several members of the organization are not ready to dive in quickly. There has been a decrease in executives who plan to deploy AI throughout the enterprise as they are moving to a more sustainable and more transformative deployment. Executives are researching on the best ways to implement AI so that it is continuously working to benefit the company and not just a one-time return.

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