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Strategies to Overcome Challenges of Big Data Analytics in 2021

By Umme Sutarwala - March 05, 2021 3 Mins Read

Strategies to Overcome Challenges of Big Data Analytics in 2021-01

In the digital era, businesses incorporate big data business analytics to enhance decision-making, increase accountability, boost productivity, make better forecasts, determine success, and gain aggressive advantages. However, various companies have difficulties practicing business intelligence analytics on a strategic level.

This year seems to be an excellent year for big data analytics, yet there are some challenges to overcome. According to Gartner, 87% of businesses have low Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics maturity, requiring data guidance and assistance. The obstacles with business data analysis are associated with analytics and can also be caused by extensive system or infrastructure challenges.

Thus, it is time to dive deeper into the most prevalent big data analytics problems, examine possible root causes, and highlight the possible solutions to those problems. Here are the top data analytics difficulties businesses face.

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Inaccurate Analytics

Nothing could be more detrimental to a business than incorrect analytics, and this issue needs to be addressed at the earliest.

If the system relies on data with bugs, errors, or is incomplete, it’s highly likely to get poor results. Data quality management and mandatory data validation process, including every stage of the ETL process, can help businesses ensure incoming data quality at various levels. This will help organizations to identify errors and ensure that a modification in one area quickly results in pure and accurate data.

Utilizing Big Data Analytics is Challenging

The level of complexity of the reports is too high and time-consuming. It can be fixed by hiring a UI/UX expert to help businesses develop a robust and flexible user interface for easy navigation and workflow.

It’s advisable to get the team together and define critical metrics to identify what functionality is often used, what needs to be focused, measured, and analyzed. Involving an external expert from the business domain would be an excellent option to help the business with data analysis.

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Long System Response Time

The system takes plenty of time to analyze the data. It may not be so important for batch processing, but for real-time systems, such delay can be costly.

The problem with data analytics infrastructure and resource utilization is that it has reached its scalability limit. Also, it could be that the hardware infrastructure is no longer adequate.

The easiest solution is to append more computing resources to the system. It’s useful if it helps improve the system response within an affordable budget and there is proper utilization of the resources.

 Costly Maintenance

Every system needs continuous investment for its maintenance and infrastructure. Moreover, business owners are constantly looking for ways to reduce these investments. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to frequently assess the systems to avoid overpaying.

New emerging technologies process more data volumes in a faster and economical way. The best solution is to shift to new technologies to improve reliability, scalability, and availability.

Besides, for not using most of the system capabilities, businesses pay for the infrastructure they utilize. Therefore, improving business metrics and optimizing the method according to business needs will be helpful.

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Check Out The New Enterprisetalk Podcast. For more such updates follow us on Google News Enterprisetalk News.


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