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Strategies For CIOs To Build Empathy In The Digital Age

By Umme Sutarwala - March 31, 2021 3 Mins Read

Strategies for CIOs to Build Empathy in the Digital Age

In the digital age, it is highly possible and extremely crucial for technology to adapt to the users. Digital adoption has become an integral part of enterprise digital transformation, allowing CIOs to decode and address adoption gaps in real-time.

For a successful digital transformation, leaders must ensure that teams and consumers get empathetic technology interactions. It begins with emphasizing user-centricity and concludes with careful measurement.

Empathy plays a vital role in understanding employees and customers, driving efficiencies, improving ROI, and improving offerings. Furthermore, it is critical for enhancing interaction with technology.

Need for Empathetic Technology in Digital Transformation

To attain the full value of tech investment, businesses need to be proficient with the system’s capabilities. User adoption is one of the leading indicators of success. If it’s easier for users to interact with the technology, they will more likely utilize it on a regular basis.

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It’s advised that rather than investing in training processes that adapt the user to the system, it’s better to ensure constant guidance and contextual assistance. This can be achieved by spending on technology built with empathy that quickly adapts to the users’ needs.

Therefore, it is critical to change how technology is implemented and lead with human-centered, empathetic design. So, here are four techniques for CIOs to build empathy.

Utilize Design Thinking Methodology

Leaders thriving in large-scale transformation projects are forever obsessed with the clients of that specific transformation. However, it is not only about the user experience but also the understanding of the users themselves.

Several successful unicorns grew by employing the design thinking methodology, which consists of empathy maps that help in understanding the user through their thoughts, actions, words, and feelings. In almost every project today, the focus on empathy is under-indexed.

Team of Designers

Experts believe, in order to build a more profound understanding with the end-user and their engagement with the technology, at least 30% of project teams should comprise designers. Design is nothing but a portrayal of the user interface and the art of translating empathy. Designers usually focus on how things look and how things run.

Besides UX designers, organizations also require industrial designers and design researchers to look at workflows through the lens of adoption.

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Significance of CRM

Exploiting the critical value from technology adoption needs users to interact with it intuitively, investing a small amount of time before recognizing its advantages. Furthermore, CRM helps every salesperson in their daily activities.

However, if using a new CRM takes longer to master or if it benefits only the company back office, then there are higher chances of them going back to traditional ways of working. A transformation initiative may not succeed if the users aren’t willing to adopt the technologies deployed to boost their productivity.

Measure Adoption

One of the significant advantages of digital adoption is the possibility for businesses to measure success. Organizations must invest in tools, technologies, and teams while measuring adoption to promote better human-technology interactions. This is crucial for securing the longevity of their digital business.

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