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Six Ways IT Leaders Can Recession-Proof their IT Career

By Vishal Muktewar - May 11, 2022 4 Mins Read

Six Ways IT Leaders Can Recession-Proof their IT Career

Recession-proofing their IT careers demand that IT leaders rethink their approach, be more adaptable, and have a knack for looking out for the best opportunities in today’s continuously changing economic landscape.

The past couple of years has highlighted that no jobs are 100% recession-proof. Even the tech industry, which is known to be more resilient than others, is still not immune from economic downturns. Even with technology proven to be a critical factor in the wake of the COVID-19, some organizations have still experienced layoffs, adjustments as well as other shocks to the system.

Hence, IT leaders need to plan to “recession-proof” their jobs and careers. They should apply the same-forward thinking approach that enables IT organizations to effectively deal with any form of disruption to their profession.

Below are a few ways IT professionals can take to ‘recession-proof’ their career in an uncertain economic environment:

Stay sharp

When hit with a recession, IT leaders should stay sharp to identify emerging opportunities for growth. They should analyze and predict how the sector is going to shift. Additionally, they should expect which large organizations will require IT skills on the inverse side of an economic downturn. Most probably, they will be seeking experts that can help them to tackle their ongoing problems.

Do less 

Instead of overworking themselves by trying to achieve all their tasks at one, IT leaders should start doing less. This means they should prioritize essential tasks which can help them with more gains. Moreover, they should do only a few things but do them better. Meaning, they should put their energy and commit to a few things that they are inherently good at and put zero energy into what might be a basic level of competency. 

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Enhance technological and management expertise

IT professionals holding leadership positions should capitalize on online learning resources for the employees in their teams. They should try to automate IT processes wherever possible. Not only that, but they should also embrace innovations in their industry and implement new technology. While doing so, they should have a return on investment plan that aligns with the overall objectives of their organization. 

Look beyond the IT industry

As mentioned previously, no industry is fully immune from an economic downturn. However, with every organization heavily relying on and driven by technology, almost all the organizations in the marketplace are tech enterprises. Meaning, even if an economic downturn emerges, the market for tech professionals with in-demand skills and experience will remain vital for the foreseeable future. 

Develop skills that drive transformation

Every time a recession happens, it triggers a massive transformation. Tech leaders with skills and experience that can drive transformation will help them to thrive even during a recession. For e.g., the present tech landscape, influenced by the COVID-19, cloud, AI, and RPA are creating new opportunities to survive and thrive in the marketplace. 

Consider multiple attractive career possibilities

While becoming an expert on specific technology is excellent, IT leaders should also consider multiple career possibilities. This can help expand their professional and personal horizons whenever they are stuck or required to make an important decision. Additionally, exploring numerous career options can help them explore whether it is time for them to reinvent or re-engineer their path. Furthermore, this will help them get a better understanding of the competitive landscape of their organization. By following this advice, IT leaders can get better outcomes and stay at the top of their game while maximizing their ability to future-proof their IT career.

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