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Six Key Strategies to Improve Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)  

By Nisha Sharma - November 22, 2022 4 Mins Read

As the conventional workforce is transforming into a mobile workforce, more and more businesses are targeting techniques to enhance Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) processes.

Businesses today require to adopt new solutions and strategic shifts that would reinforce mobile data management without affecting their employees. Below are some strategies to improve Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions-

Message Security

Even though there are numerous messaging applications available, these apps do not help businesses with foolproof communication security. One of the reasons is that these apps are not capable of distinguishing between organizational and personal data, they treat them both in the same way. For enterprise mobility management, there are a number of communication protocols for messaging and one of them is Exchange ActiveSync or EAS which let users synchronize contacts, messages, and even attachments in a cloud environment.

But, many communication devices cannot confirm secure communication with the enterprise cloud network while using EAS. To deal with this, Mobile Data Management (MDM) helps businesses with a concrete solution, by offering their own messaging applications that companies can use to access the enterprise network safely. The best method to install MDM systems is by leveraging an IT-managed program model. This way, businesses can improve their enterprise mobility management by ensuring that users are not entering any security gaps while accessing enterprise resources.

Device Restriction as per security needs

As a company, the enterprise can restrict some devices because enterprise security as security constraints are essential for a company. the important thing is that securing business does not cost the employee experience (EX). Therefore, for better enterprise mobility management, businesses must do detailed research before restricting any device. Here, if companies are following the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy or, then they have to allow employees to use their personal devices along with the business tools, as it will enhance their efficiency.

Move to Mobile Transformation

Enterprise mobility management helps businesses by offering governance and support to employee devices.

For a successful mobile transformation, businesses are required to assure that employees are aware of the concept and understand it, which will improve and develop better mobility in order to maximize their device security.

Processing this way will help businesses with improved customer experience (CX) and employee productivity.

Data Security

A strong enterprise mobility management strategy requires businesses to eliminate all possibility of losing information from employee mobile devices. IT department must be allowed to wipe away all the documents that might have confidential business information. This device cleansing is essential for businesses to ensure that no confidential data related to the company is leaked.

Content Management

By considering a mobile data management system, businesses can ensure data encryption in mobile devices. If businesses employ MDM, then all the information related to business will be kept in an encrypted container whenever they are downloaded into any personal device, improving the enterprise mobility management strategy.

Content management has many benefits, but the most significant is that it allows businesses to assure that the business data and personal information can be siloed in devices. In many organizations, BYOD runs the risk of deletion of personal data, making employees uncomfortable, it is very important for businesses to earn employees’ trust by assuring them that IT support will not delete their personal data. Building confidence in employees will improve their work performance, and they will be open to testing the BYOD policy.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has revolutionized the data industry. Enterprises are moving all their application and data to cloud infrastructure with more confidence, utilizing both public and private clouds for all data hosting, using and analyzing apps.

Companies can use unique IT security measures for mobile devices, and some of the important ones utilize   data management system for additional security. Enterprise mobility management strategy assures that business resources are secure, which will help them in simplifying the task of IT management.

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