Siemplify Offers Version 5 of Security Operations Platform

Security Operations Platform

Version 5.0 continues the evolution of the leading independent SOAR platform, from tactical actions to strategic objectives

New York based company Siemplify, an independent provider of security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR), today released a new version of its security operations platform. Version 5.0 continues to raise the bar for end-to-end security operations management, adding new capabilities that make security analysts more productive, security engineers more effective and SOC managers more informed and empowered.

The Siemplify Security Operations Platform V5 now enables organizations to streamline both tactical and strategic responses to a successful cyber-attack within a virtual “war room,” ensuring all stakeholders inside and outside the SOC are working as a team during what can be an extremely stressful time for any organization. The brand is growing fast and has raised $58 million in funding to date.

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“We have seen many organizations misstep when responding to critical security events,” said Meny Har, VP of product at Siemplify. “Our war room, which was developed in collaboration with crisis management experts, as well as our Fortune 500 customers, now gives those who know the issue intimately and whose job it is to respond publicly a secure environment to formulate strategy and track response.”

“As the SOAR category continues to grow and mature, Siemplify is focused on enhancing our platform to address the broadest range of security operations challenges,” said Amos Stern, CEO and co-founder at Siemplify. “We remain committed to providing a simple and intuitive analyst experience, coupled with powerful capabilities for engineers and advanced users.”

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Some highlights in version 5.0 include:

Advanced Crisis Management: Coordinate all aspects of the response to a major security event from within the platform, including understanding threat details, business impacts, attack attribution and strategic response across the relevant departments.

Advanced Playbook Building: Easily build and automate the most advanced incident response playbooks with sophisticated data dependencies.

Real-Time Collaboration: Seamlessly work with colleagues inside and outside the security team to investigate and close cases faster. Collaborate inside the Siemplify platform or integrate the tools you already use for communication, such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Streamlined Remote Operations: Monitor, investigate and respond to security events on remote networks in seconds with the new, unified Siemplify remote agent.

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