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Security Threats Around Cloud Is Now A Global Concern Across Enterprises

By Sudipta Choudhury - May 20, 2021 3 Mins Read

Security Threats Around Cloud Is Now A Global Concern Across Enterprises

Amid the economic crisis due to the ongoing pandemic, IT and cloud security threats are floating around indicating more business-wide loss.

As the uncertainty around COVID-19 accelerates, the world will continue to operate remotely. Countries like India are already seeing a massive second wave of the pandemic which has put all businesses behind the doors, yet again – when the nation was slowly recovering.

As a result, the marketplace is preparing itself amid the widespread exposure of cybersecurity. These trends will grow more as cyber attackers are ready to take advantage of such situations – putting significant financial pressure on the security fabric across companies.

With the increased shift towards the home office, IT and cloud professionals are concerned about supporting the cloud environment’s security. A recent study by Fugue has found nearly 96% of the cloud engineering teams are distributed remotely and continue working from home.

The report titled, “State of Cloud Security” is focused on understanding the gravity of worldwide cyber-security concerns. In partnership with Propeller Insights, more than 300 IT, cloud, and security professionals were surveyed who use Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

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The participants included security engineers, DevOps engineers, DevSecOps engineers, cloud architects, etc. across several industries. Nearly 83% of organizations have had their employees complete the transition.

About 84% of professionals are concerned about how the growing security vulnerabilities can be tackled. Many problems have already been arising amid the adoption of new devices, access policies, and networks – to be used for managing the cloud infrastructure from different locations.

About 84% of IT professionals (39.7% – high; 44.3% – somewhat) are worried if they have been hacked already, and not aware of it. The cloud misconfiguration exploits are too complicated to be detected using regular security analysis tools.

Another 28% of the surveyed respondents said that they had suffered a significant cloud data breach and they are aware of it. Besides, about 92% are concerned as their organization is vulnerable to data breach and cloud misconfiguration.

Phillip Merrick, CEO at Fugue explained in the company blog – “What our survey reveals is that cloud misconfiguration not only remains the number one cause of data breaches in the cloud, the rapid global shift to 100% distributed teams is creating new risks for organizations and opportunities for malicious actors.”

The report also showed nearly 33% of security engineers believe that cloud misconfigurations will increase over the next few years, and another 43% think things will remain the same. Conversely, only 24% cited data breaches linked to cloud misconfigurations will reduce in their workplace.

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Phillip also added, “Knowing your cloud infrastructure is secure at all times is already a major challenge for even the most sophisticated cloud customers, and the current crisis is compounding the problem.”

Basically, preventing the cloud data breach still remains a primary challenge for security engineers. It is happening with almost every cloud team – with almost 73% reporting over ten incidents daily, and about 36% say they experience more than 100 times daily.

Undoubtedly, managing cloud misconfiguration properly is a costly proposition. However, business decision-makers need to conduct rigorous manual audits to have the assets in place and sound condition.

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