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SD-WAN Connectivity – What Are Its Significance To Enterprises

By Sudipta Choudhury - June 15, 2021 3 Mins Read

SD-WAN is gaining traction among the modern-age business ecosystem due to increased solution reliability and security capabilities, reveals a new study.

At present, the IT infrastructure solutions are rapidly expanding with the evolving business as well as technology needs. This involves security threat tools, adoption of cloud platforms for various business teams, remote working devices, and so on. And this adoption rate is driving the growth of the SD-WAN market.

Certainly, the increased adoption of 5G and infrastructure needs will substantially dominate the overall SD-WAN market. Basically, WAN enhance application performance by reducing and increasing business agility. Thus, more enterprises are turning to SD-WAN solutions to tackle cyber threats and the WAN network management.

A recent study by Masergy is focused around the assessment where businesses stand in their journey of SD-WAN as well as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE). The findings include new potential peaks in adoption, highlighting the importance of security, reliability, and a growing preference towards hybrid access.

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The appliances group within the SD-WAN market is gaining significant share – owing to the surging adoption of cloud platforms. The study observes new insights around the SD-WAN return on investment (ROI). In participation with Altman Solon, more than 300 IT decision makers were surveyed in the US, across 20+ industry verticals.

SD-WAN connectivity is gaining widespread traction. Some of the key highlights from the study are –

  • SD-WAN is gaining traction among the new-age business ecosystem: SD-WAN adoption is expected to increase among 92% of companies and almost 64% of sites by 2026. This will be done as most of the companies will adopt it for operational efficiency (38%), cost savings (38%), and business agility (34%).
  • Performance and security matter the most: Solution reliability (roughly 50%) and security (around 60%) are the top priorities for selecting an SD-WAN provider.
  • SASE is not yet acknowledged: Despite the hype, more than 50% of IT decision makers do not have adequate understanding of its impact along with business implications.
  • Majority of companies will use hybrid SD-WAN: About 58% IT leaders expect to implement a hybrid access model (a blend of both public and private access) over the next five years. The private-only access users (around 63%) as well as public-only access users (nearly 55%) will consider a shift to hybrid access.
  • Organizations rely on SD-WAN service providers: At present, only 23% of companies utilize a do-it-yourself solution, and roughly 77% use a fully-managed or co-managed solution.
  • Private connectivity will stay here: Private connectivity will prolong and will play a prominent role to back up SD-WAN architectures.

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In this context, Terry Traina, CTO at Masergy explains – “This study affirms that IT leaders understand the value of SD-WAN connectivity and are leaning into hybrid access models that strike the right balance between price and performance for a ROI ‘sweet spot’.”

He also added, “The survey confirms what everyone is noticing anecdotally. There’s still a lot of confusion about SASE. Conceptually SASE makes sense, but turning its framework into a tactical plan can be challenging for IT leaders.”

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