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Scaling DevOps for the Enterprise: Opportunities & Challenges

By Prangya Pandab - December 17, 2020 3 Mins Read

Scaling DevOps for the Enterprise Opportunities & Challenges (1)

Transforming the workforce at scale can be a daunting task, but it is fast becoming essential, with the fourth industrial revolution compelling organizations to find ways to do things smarter, faster, and more economically.

Keeping pace with competition means developing and deploying new and improved digital services, establishing a new operating model for IT that increases the speed at which new products are brought into the market, and improving efficiency.

Enterprises across the world are rapidly embracing DevOps. It helps them create, deploy, and operate high-quality software products more quickly than they could, using traditional approaches.

Like other significant changes from traditional development workflows, DevOps also brings its own set of challenges to the table. Organizations worldwide have learned at a cost that while agile DevOps methods can help with improved outcomes within projects, it can also fail miserably when implemented across the enterprise at scale.

The DevOps failures usually come down to flaws in the execution of the methodology. An exemplary DevOps implementation will increase the value and impact of IT infrastructure by bridging new and old technologies. It enables companies to navigate the change with clear time-to-value merits and lower risk.

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Breaking Down Organizational Silos

The role of organizational silos within the business is to sharpen expertise and assign roles, but unfortunately, they may have unintended consequences over time as each department starts paying less attention to the other departments and become consumed by their own assignments.

Silos inadvertently limit collaboration and can contribute to delays, conflicts, and bugs. Hence, it becomes vital for business leaders to remove the barriers to these silos and integrate the different disciplines within the organization.

Real-time Visibility Across Toolchains

When teams within an organization have poor visibility of their system, it can result in bad decisions and missed opportunities.

There needs to be an open, web-based solution that teams can leverage to plan, govern, and track their entire application release management process. With teams and stakeholders needing real-time visibility across the entire DevOps toolchain, the chosen solution must enable teams to focus on their critical tasks while providing important, real-time information to the stakeholders.

Security Integration

Organizations that have achieved higher levels of security integration are more likely to be at a high stage of DevOps evolution. Organizations must take a completely different approach, one where there is an emphasis on cross-team collaboration and empowers teams to discover, prevent, and address security issues autonomously.

Business leaders believe there is a strong correlation between integrating security fully into the software delivery process and an organization’s ability to address critical vulnerabilities quickly.

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Implementation of DevOps is a long-term commitment; it can mean a radical shift from the way an organization works. It is crucial that everyone involved buys into this approach as different dynamics with the organization can lead to different results. Even though DevOps stimulates innovation and speeds up software delivery, there is no guarantee that adopting DevOps practices will result in success. Organizations need to continuously experiment with new processes, tools, and capabilities to deliver the best value for the business.

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