Samsung Getting Serious About Robotics


Samsung has recently announced a robotics division, three new consumer and retail robots and a wearable exoskeleton. This seems to be Samsung’s foray into robotics and its  use in consumer technologies.

As the mobile industry is seeing its first major slowdown since the birth of the smartphone, Samsung seems to be taking the lead form LG to take a chance in the robotics industry. Earlier last year LG had declared its robotics plans that included a ‘bot to co-pilot.

The three robots were – Bot Air, Bot Care, and Bot Retail.

Bot care is a healthcare robot designed to assist with elder care. It features medication reminders, health briefings and the ability to check vitals with a finger scan. It also helps for yoga lessons and an emergency system that will dial 911 if a user falls. Bot Air, is a robot that monitors air quality and cleans it accordingly. Bot Retail has a touchscreen for ordering and trays in the rear for delivering food and other purchases.

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