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Role of Poor Digital Experience in the Great Resignation

By Nikhil Sonawane - August 01, 2022 3 Mins Read

Employee expectations are evolving, and businesses need to make changes in their work processes to meet workforce expectations to ensure continuity. 

There is a tremendous paradigm shift in the current global workforce and workflows due to various factors influencing it. Enterprises globally are still recovering from the recent pandemic and its aftermath on business continuity. As businesses have digitally transformed their workflows has resulted in work process transformation in every aspect. 

The workforce today expects a top-notch digital experience to ensure productivity and efficiency. According to a recent report by Lakeside titled “Digital Workplace Productivity Report 2022,” approximately 30% of the employees consider quitting because of poor digital experiences. The increasing talent gap is already a significant challenge for businesses across all industries. Offering a poor digital experience will increase the talent gap and hamper business growth in the long run. Here are a few ways to enhance the workforce’s digital experience to improve the talent retention rate. 

Upgrading enterprise tech stack to enhance talent retention and job satisfaction

Businesses need to integrate robust tools in their enterprise stack to automate most of the tedious tasks to improve organizational efficiency. It is a perfect way to enrich the employee’s digital experience and enables them to concentrate efforts on more valuable tasks. Evaluating business requirements and integrating the technology stack based on them will help to streamline the workflow. The same report by Lakeside software suggests the workforce nearly loses nearly one hour of their productivity every week due to technical glitches, and approximately 40% of the IT disruptions go unreported to the help desk. Such technical challenges result in poor employee digital experience and have devastating impacts on businesses’ financial health. CIOs should consider integrating robust Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools and expense management to automate the tasks and equip them with robust tools to accomplish goals quicker. 

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Ensuring internal and external digital transformation

When enterprises plan to embark on a digital transformation journey, even for downloading or integrating a new application, CIOs should keep the stakeholders, and the workforce informed. It is crucial to interact with the workforce to understand their challenges and get in an open interaction with them about the tools, feedback, and explore opportunities. Educating the workforce about how the tools empower the business work process will help to minimize the friction in digital experiences. Business decision-makers need to design and implement a work culture that is more open to adapting to new technologies in their workflows. CIOs should consider deploying digital transformation in phases to evaluate the employee experience at different stages and make data-driven decisions in implementation. 

Embrace a digital onboarding process

Onboarding is one of the most significant phases of the employee lifecycle. Enterprises need to ensure they design and implement a seamless onboarding process to enrich the digital experience. Implementing a digital onboarding process that is personalized and interactive helps to break the ice between teams and create a positive impact on the new hires. There are multiple Software-as-a-Service solution providers in the market to digitize end to end recruitment and onboarding process. 

The great resignation has imposed multiple challenges on businesses, their workflows, and employee and customer experience. Offering a top-notch digital experience will help businesses to minimize workforce attrition to bridge the talent gap. Enterprises that embrace customer-centric and employee-first workflows have productive work processes and higher employee satisfaction. 

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Nikhil Sonawane

Nikhil S is a Tech Journalist with OnDot Media. He is a media professional with eclectic experience in communications for various technology media brands. He brings his eye for editorial detail and keen sense of language skills to every article he writes.

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