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Revolutionizing Enterprise Training with AR/VR

By Prangya Pandab - April 25, 2022 3 Mins Read

Revolutionizing Enterprise Training with ARVR-01

In the domain of workplace training, advancements in interactive-immersive technologies have opened up new opportunities. Thousands of companies worldwide are using immersive technologies to enhance their training capabilities.

According to Statista report “Boost to GDP from AR/VR worldwide 2019-2030,” Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are expected to boost global GDP by USD1.5 trillion by 2030, an increase from the USD46.4 billion that these technologies boosted GDP by in 2019. 

Virtual Reality isn’t new; it’s been around for almost a decade. Businesses have only begun to utilize the technology in the last several years. Old training methods were no longer practical as a result of the global pandemic, so enterprises shut down their classrooms and switched to online and virtual processes.

When it comes to onboarding new employees or teaching them remotely, AR/VR technology has shown to be a viable alternative to conference rooms and classrooms. Immersive technologies in employee training improve the way employees learn and develop the skills they need to achieve their objectives. Here are four advantages of AR/VR technology in employee training that can boost employee productivity and profit margins.

Interactive learning

In this pandemic, AR/VR technology in employee training has become a panacea for offering training to remote employees. It allows employees to fully immerse themselves in the learning process by allowing them to jump into the virtual world. It engages employees in a realistic setting, resulting in employee retention and happiness.

Businesses can customize and enhance interactive learning by incorporating interactive films and 3D objects that engage employees in the learning process without distracting them from the task at hand. Businesses can use AR/VR technology to construct 3D models of various courses, making it easier to connect with employees in real time.

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Businesses can offer a flawless learning experience that influences the future of training and learning with gamification by integrating corporate LMS with AR/VR technologies. To engage employees in the learning process, they can build and form gamification features such as badges and awards.

Employees can receive tangible badges and awards as well as tangibly move leaderboards, by gamifying learning with AR/VR technology in employee training. Employees can interact with points and badges in real time using augmented reality in corporate training.

eLearning assessments

When it comes to eLearning assessments, using VR/AR technology in employee training makes it simple to evaluate and record employee performance. Employees can review the recording after completing the training to see where they went wrong and identify their weaknesses and strengths.

For example, if employees miss a crucial step in the learning process, they can immediately replay the recording and repeat the eLearning assessment using AR/VR technology. By using AR/VR technology into employee training, employees can quickly learn from their mistakes and improve their performance.

Developing soft skills 

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality can help businesses in developing the soft skills and expertise of their employees. Employers can build VR simulations for certain scenarios that their employees are likely to face. This can make them feel more at ease in real-life settings, allowing them to deliver better service to customers.

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