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Return-to-workplace preparation embraces the latest technology

By Megana Natarajan - June 17, 2020 3 Mins Read

Organizations embrace new technologies like mobile software, videoconferencing and machine learning as a part of return-to-office process

As organizations plan to prepare offices to welcome back their employees, firms are faced with tremendous pressure to create safe workplaces for their employees. As the virus outbreak has no vaccine, organizations cannot provide 100% protection to their employees. CIOs are taking every step possible to design socially distant offices.

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Technologies are being evaluated by IT departments to create a safe working workspace and prevent possible virus vectors. According to a survey by, as mentioned in the platform, More than 50% of the IT leaders plan to invest in smart personal hygiene apparatus, including smart hand sanitizer devices. Around 40% of the CIOs are planning to install contactless sensors. Organizations have stated that CIOs are put forward plans to install thermal cameras and infrared thermometers.

CIOs are planning that their organizations deploy machine learning software, chatbots, mobile, and other technologies. Organizations are trying to come up with ways to implement contact tracing. Contact tracing is a way to triage and establish connections amongst employees, who may have possibly been in contact with coronavirus positive patients.

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Some organizations have even installed thermal scanners in their offices, to help check temperatures in real-time and sound an alarm if someone’s temperature is above normal.

IoT has been used to develop technologies that will facilitate employees returning to offices. CIOs are interested in ML and optical cameras that have been designed to identify if employees are maintaining social-distance and wearing masks. The software will send a warning to the on-site manager if employees are in less than 6 feet distance from each other.

CIOs are implementing technologies like mobile software. This software allows employees to inform their company if they plan to come to work. This will be useful in maintaining the 30% rule that has been recommended across the world. If a company employs 2000 workers, only 600 are allowed to be inside the premises on a day. The employees planning to come into office have to answer a questionnaire to help screen probable illness.

CIOs have planned to configure the workspaces in a way that the desks are at a distance of 6 feet and common surfaces are regularly sanitized, elevator trips should be limited to two at a time, etc.

CIOs of manufacturing and electronics organizations are rethinking their on-site tours to virtual tours. Organizations have implemented special work-from-home eCommerce stores for their employees.

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