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Retail Industry Creating Value Centres Using Automation

By ET Bureau - February 04, 2019 2 Mins Read

Retail Industry Creating Value Centres Using Automation

The secret to the global success of E-commerce stores could well be online sales tools and these would never be effective without automated shipping. An automated supply chain works using APIs making it possible for businesses to align their software with that of logistics brands and carriers and sales channels such as an eCommerce merchant site.

The advantages of automated supply chains to the retail industry are many.

The biggest plus is efficient utilization of manpower and ensuring minimum cost to business to process thousands of orders every day. Automation allows enterprises in the retail sector to utilize manpower more effectively. Labour can be freed up from repetitive tasks like labeling and they can be better utilized by working in tasks that add greater value to a business. Automated shipping allows and even requires automated data entry- and again uses less manpower, significantly lowering business costs. The fact that automated data entry allows minimal human errors is not a quantifiable advantage, but definitely helps in clean data and quality processes.

A huge advantage of automated supply chain and shipping applications is the tracking tool for a customer that adds untold value to the transaction. This transparency ensures a very high customer engagement and hence loyalty. This is made possible due to the labels attached to a package being scanned throughout the length of the package’s journey until it reaches its destination. This tool provides high customer delight in most cases in terms of global eCommerce; it is a big competitive differentiator.

An automated supply chain leaves the shipper, merchant and his commercial team time to focus on more important aspects- using the data that is generated from the shipping platform- to expand their market, services or just strategize for growth. This data can also provide precious insights into which geographical regions to focus on.

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