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Questions to ask About Digital Transformation in a Pandemic Environment

By Umme Sutarwala - May 12, 2021 3 Mins Read

Questions to ask About Digital Transformation in a Pandemic Environment-01

Many old economy companies have been steadily moving into digital for several years, gradually adjusting to the changing behavior of their customers. The pandemic has accelerated the need for Digital Transformation. Simply said, in order to be attractive to consumers and competitive in the industry, a digital footprint is imperative.

In today’s market environment, there is less space for error than ever before. As a result, it’s critical that business IT leaders stay nimble and think quickly. Businesses of all sizes have been forced to reconsider their digital development efforts as a result of the global pandemic. Here are four ideas that make businesses re-think their company’s digital transformation strategies in a Pandemic Environment.

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When it comes to digital transformation, how can companies “think small”?

Smaller businesses that are trying to stay afloat should focus on the present. During periods of considerable complexity, this way of thought is essential. The outlook will most likely become clearer in a few months, and as certainty returns, long-term preparation can as well.

Instead of trying to expand their audience, service-based organizations can respond to the interests of existing consumers, reinforcing partnerships with existing customers. Narrowing the emphasis will restrict growth in the short term, but it will also foster financial and operational stability. There’s a lot of ambiguity in the business right now, and small, strategic actions give businesses time to correct their course as the world turns. For the time being, thinking short-term decreases the likelihood of making poor decisions.

Do companies have the resources they need to succeed?

The use of the appropriate tools has a cascading impact on process change. For example, as remote work becomes more common, it will have a significant impact on recruiting processes and talent management. The journey to becoming completely automated and the resources to use becomes even simpler if a business has remote employees. There will be a need for new solutions if the company uses platforms and applications that aren’t cloud-based, multi-user, or collaborative.

Have companies taken a digital-first approach?

Historically, digital has been seen as an afterthought or at best, a companion to corporate strategies. But, with how the business climate and customer behavior have changed, it’s important to think digitally first. Customers must be met and serviced online before they can be met and serviced offline.

Customer routines and behaviors have most likely been permanently altered over the past few months. Many organizations have been compelled to close their physical positions and go totally remote as a result of the pandemic. For organizations, the way they connect with clients, prospects, and customers online has changed. However, in the end, it would provide teams with the ability to reach a far larger audience.

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Are teams aligned?

Setting the tone is an important part of the alignment, and it should begin at the top. CIOs will aid in the dismantling of silos by simply articulating the present and desired future state of the market and ensuring that everyone is aware of it. COVID-19 has altered the way teams collaborate and engage with one another: businesses can no longer rely on impromptu sessions with coworkers, whiteboards, or corridor banter. Furthermore, almost everyone is working in asynchronous mode. The importance of good documentation and consensus mechanisms in fostering alignment cannot be overstated.

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Umme Sutarwala

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