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Public Clouds Unlock the Opportunities of AI Innovation

By Debjani Chaudhury - May 20, 2020 3 Mins Read

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Public clouds are the best for unleashing the real power of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning

The emerging technologies, especially machine learning and artificial intelligence, will critically underpin future products and services across different sectors, from manufacturing to retail and public sector services. More firms are looking for innovative ways to implement the innovations, pushing massive growth in the global AI market, which is anticipated to reach up to US$9880.4 million by 2023, confirmed Techradar.

Intelligent Automation Technology Is a Necessity In 2020

A growing number of organizations are moving to consult public cloud platforms for support to accelerate the value of ML and AI initiatives. While looking into the public cloud to leverage the implementation of the latest technologies, many new questions have arisen. Why is public cloud more suitable for ML and AI initiatives than a private cloud? And how exactly can the organization smoothly migrate operations without creating too much disruption?

Flexibility merging with control

In comparison to on-premise and private cloud setups, the public cloud’s biggest advantage is its flexibility with an almost unlimited degree of adaptability where platforms scale on demand. This is a very crucial feature that supports innovative technologies like AI, which are predicted to scale at the rate of business growth.

The public cloud offers an increased level of controlled access and security. With machine learning systems and AI amassing a monumental amount of data – possibly critical and definitely sensitive – the public cloud offers an enhanced level of security, which is better suited to these initiatives. This is because the cloud service providers can perhaps assist with the 24/7 protection and management of datasets needed to support machine learning and AI technologies.

Partnering for success

The scale of planning, designing, and implementing public cloud to support ML and AI initiatives can become an overwhelming process that is by no means a case of shift or lift. To truly maximize and optimize the benefits of public cloud for the emerging technology ambitions, partnering with the technology service provider is essential.

IT Processes That Will Benefit from Automation

Enterprises need to look for cloud partners that offer an advanced set of tools dedicated to the support of machine learning, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Supporting the migration of virtual machines is a dynamic capability for enterprises that may have already begun AI deployment. The cloud partners need to have this capability, guaranteeing internal systems run smoothly as data shifted from an enterprises’ existing infrastructure to the cloud. To stop this, where some public cloud platforms need to be set up before ML, and AI systems are deployed, they should aid the shift of data from an on-premise or private cloud system at any point in the implementation time, with ease.

Such a partnership will increase both the range and value of offerings available to support the latest technology implementations. Driving value is not the most crucial for businesses, but for their customers who ultimately seek the best experience.


Debjani Chaudhury

Debjani Chaudhury works as an Associate Editor with OnDot Media. In this capacity, she contributes editorial articles for two platforms, focusing on the latest global technology and trends.Debjani is a seasoned Content Developer who comes with 3 years of experience with Fashion, IT, and International Marketing industries. She has represented India in International trade forums like Hannover Messe, Germany.

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