Organizations Are Increasingly Utilizing Cloud-Native Platforms, a New Study Reveals

Organizations Are Increasingly Utilizing Cloud-Native Platforms_ a New Study Reveals

A recent report from OutSystems reveals that organizations are increasingly integrating cloud-native solutions in their existing infrastructure. 

The advancements and flexibility of cloud-native platforms have garnered mainstream attention across the enterprise industry. In its latest report, “Is Cloud-Native Development Hype or High Impact? What IT Executives and Developers Say,” OutSystems have found around three out of four (74%) of the respondents utilize some form of cloud-native application development. 

OutSystems took survey of 500+ IT decision-makers and developers that span across enterprises of various sizes: enterprise (companies with over USD 2.5 billion in annual revenue), commercial organizations (with USD 500 million to USD 2.5 billion) as well as small-to-medium sized enterprises (with USD 50 million to under USD 500 million in revenue). Respondents from multiple industries, including finance, retail, education, healthcare, government, and more.

Here are the key highlights of the OutSystems survey: 

  • Cloud-native costumes report that over 68% of the applications at their organizations are supported with cloud-native technologies.
  • Due to the immense pressure to continuously innovate and deploy software, around half of cloud-native (45%) customers report strategic enhancement to secure DevOps processes. Nearly 42% of the respondents admitted that it enables them with rapid development and deployment (CI/CD).
  • In today’s time that is still witnessing the negative impact of the “Great Resignation Wave,” where organizations find it challenging to hire and retain technical talent, cloud-native customers view technology as an advantage for staff engagement. Nearly 44% of the respondents stated that cloud-native development leads to “interesting” work that puts a great emphasis on innovation over tedium.
  • Nearly 72% of the respondents involved in the survey stated that by the end of 2023, the majority of their applications will be developed by using cloud-native development. Around 28% have confirmed that the majority of their applications will live on cloud in 2022.

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While the survey revealed the positive aspect of cloud-native platforms, it is not without its own challenges. As per the report, the top challenges that cloud-native users often struggle with cloud-native development are determining the right tools and platforms (52%), setting up the infrastructure (50%), and not being able to keep up with tools and infrastructure updates (48%). On top of that, cloud-native users often struggle to find allies within the organization that will support them to get the required budget for cloud native development tools/platforms. 

However, there are a few alternatives to deal with the technicalities, one of them being low-code platforms. As per the report, over three-quarters of users (76%) stated that low-code platforms enable them to implement cloud-native solutions. In fact, more than seven in ten (72%) utilize low-code technologies. 

“While the adoption of cloud-native development is expected to grow dramatically, we found that there is a big gap in knowledge and awareness surrounding what the technology actually is and how it’s used,” said Robson Grieve, CMO of OutSystems. He further adds, “Not understanding the power of technology can really put you behind your competition and stunt your innovation path. Our research and the work we do with companies to turn their ideas into software prove over and over again that low-code coupled with cloud-native development creates a culture of innovation. This powerful pairing puts business in control of what they build, how fast they deploy and how those apps perform in the future.”

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