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Organizations Are Increasingly Dependent on Open Source Solutions in 2021

By Sudipta Choudhury - May 26, 2021 3 Mins Read

Organizations Are Increasingly Dependent on Open Source Solutions in 2021

The transition to cloud solutions across the business has been accelerated by the global pandemic due to the demand for flexible, fast, and reliable technology processing.

Businesses globally have a positive reception for the value of open-source software. In fact, today, almost all of the IT decision-makers in a recent survey claimed that the use of open source solutions provides several benefits for their organization.

A survey of 200 IT decision-makers was recently conducted by Vanson Bourne where it was evident that the adoption of open source platforms is increasing in enterprises. Over the past disruptive months, the adoption of open-source software was increased by 79%.

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Nearly 25% of the respondents were from medium-size organizations (about 500-999 employees) and 75% were from large organizations with over 1,000 employees. They came from a cross-section of industry verticals and are well aware knowledge of open-source software.

Large-scale enterprise respondents noted having moved databases and applications into cloud services. Only 15% of the large enterprises are continuing all their databases and apps running at their on-premises data center even today. This is in comparison to about 29% of medium-sized organizations.

However, it is also true that this increase in demand led to increased technology costs. Almost 68% of the surveyed respondents reported that cloud infrastructure is now more expensive than it was in the past years.

In this context of benefits of using an open-source device, nearly 63% of the IT professionals cited increased innovation and about 58% indicated enhanced security. Besides, around 50% respondents noted of cost-saving, and 21% could avoid vendor lock-in.

Furthermore, 50% of respondents indicated concerns over varying open source licenses – including the Business Source License (BSL) as well as Server-Side Public License (SSPL). Enterprises even discussed the following drawbacks –

  • This will increase costs (44%)
  • It will encourage lock-in (37%)
  • More discourage of engagement from the open-source community (34%)
  • Even it can discourage growth in the open-source market (26%).

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The study also highlighted how the public cloud providers can supply back to open source solutions. Almost 59% professionals indicated of providing better security and about 48% said by encouraging open-source cooperation.

Besides, nearly 43% said by improving the existing code quality, while 43% noted by facilitating open source to run on their cloud solutions. Certainly, this transition to the cloud has been accelerated by the global pandemic. This is simply because of the demand for flexible, fast, and reliable technology for fast processing, each of which is supported by the power of the open kernel platforms.

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