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Oracle and Future Workplace Survey Finds Robots Are More Trusted Than Managers

By Sudipta Choudhury - February 04, 2020 3 Mins Read

People have more trust in a robot more than their workplace manager, revealed a study.

As the new decade dawns, increasing numbers of enterprises will need to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) and automation. A recent survey by Oracle and Future Workplace has confirmed that robots are fast gaining the trust of humans in business. Sixty-four percent of the employees surveyed trust a robot more over their workplace manager – revealed a study sponsored by Oracle and Future Workplace in the second annual “AI at Work” study. The survey of 8,370 employees, managers, and HR executives spanning ten countries has found that robots have reset the connection between humans and technology at work.

Voice-based AI Assistant – Certainly the Future of Workplace

To be specific, for unbiased advice and information, maintaining work schedules, and problem-solving, people have more faith in robots over their managers.  In terms of geographical demographics of this survey, 89% of Indians and 88% of Chinese workers trust a robot more than their workplace manager. Surprisingly, the survey showed that 82% of employees think robots are better at management and can do things a cut above than their managers. Clearly, the rise in AI adoption has shown a significant transition in the way employees interact with managers. Hence, the traditional role of manager and HR teams is shifting in this digital era.

“AI is reshaping the role HR teams and managers need to play in attracting, retaining and developing talent.” – stated the report titled “Report: Artificial Intelligence Is Winning More Hearts & Minds in the Workplace”. Keeping aside the typical fears of how AI will impact jobs and people, many are accepting AI with optimism and excitement.

As per the report: 50% of workers are using some kind of AI while at work, compared to just 32% YOY. About 78% of Companies in India and 77% in China have implemented AI, and 29% of companies in Japan, and 32% in France have adopted AI in their processes.

Worker insights: There is eagerness in workers globally, for adopting AI and having robot co-workers. Here are the numbers-

  • 60% of workers in India,
  • 56% in China,
  • 44% in UAE,
  • 41% in Singapore,
  • 26% in Australia/New Zealand,
  • 25% in Japan,
  • 22% in U.S.,
  • 20% in the UK, and
  • 8% in France.

Industrial Automation Taking Center Stage in Workplace Transformation

Emily He, SVP, Human Capital Management Cloud Business Group at Oracle says in the company press release, “The latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence are rapidly reaching the mainstream, resulting in a massive shift in the way people across the world interact with technology and their teams. As this study shows, the relationship between humans and machines is being redefined at work, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to successfully managing this change. Instead, organizations need to partner with their HR organization to personalize the approach to implementing AI at work in order to meet the changing expectations of their teams around the world.”

Robots are here to stay, and it is only the beginning of the AI era at work! To make the most out of advances in AI, companies to need to focus more on its implementation for improved productivity, better collaboration, positive employee environment, and energy efficiency.


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