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New Era of Digital Transformation: Changes in Leadership Mindset

By Snigdha Mandal - October 27, 2021 3 Mins Read

New Era of Digital Transformation: Changes in Leadership Mindset

Market experts believe that industry will see much more significant change in next five years, compared to the changes it has witnessed over the last fifty years. The entire world is actually approaching the fastest, deepest, most impactful technological disruption in history as the society is changing rapidly. It is expected that fourteen internet size revolutions will take place in next decade; that means things are moving and shifting at an immense speed.

From on-demand retail to vertical farms, visionaries and entrepreneurs are building effective solutions for tomorrow.

From medicine to energy to travel to entertainment-all the major industries are changing radically. This transformation is undoubtedly creating pressure on other industries including manufacturing, construction, transportation, finance, and education—almost all the industries.

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Better Decision-making

One needs to cultivate the mindset, capacities, and internal compass that enable much more sustainable and powerful decision-making.  Through numerous years of work helping organizations and teams embrace and build a thriving future. The traditional leadership practiced de facto in most organizations and was built to fit the demands of the Industrial Revolution.  That may not be very relevant now.

Our world is not adequately equipped to meet the challenges of increasingly digital and rapidly transforming world. Modern industry leaders have been trained to think and operate in centralized, siloed, hierarchical structures, to focus on efficiency and predictability in order to scale reliable, consistent delivery of products and services. As the world rapidly accelerated towards the first productivity revolution, there is a huge need to ditch the 20th century playbook and old school style leadership.

Instead of adapting the present mandate for a breakthrough, we now need responsive thinking by practicing an inclusive and dynamic form of leadership that focuses on building new, more expansive practices committed to human-centric innovation, regenerative solutions, and the creation of long-term value.

How do we get better at discerning the necessary evolution versus what the marketers fear?  One can use the power of these advances to build a better, safer, more inclusive next-generation business. Radical solutions are needed to enable such radical change. Also, accepting radical solutions requires a radical openness of mind and heart.

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 New mindset ‘in’ full action

The innovations and technologies of the future will demand nothing less but to shift to a mindset framed by ingenuity as well as by compassion and humility. Such leadership mindset might be extending benefits to full-time contract workers, experimenting with a four-day workweek, or integrating mindfulness practices into ways of working.

Marketers are standing in a unique moment in time in which they have huge opportunities to impact the entire world in far-reaching ways.  The practice of working in distant silos, and catering to limited objectives, needs to change. Instead, marketers make it possible to integrate well-being and family with the unique abilities to contribute and create significant value. This is the time to put care and curiosity into action and build a future we are really proud of.

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Snigdha Mandal

Snigdha Mandal is the Business News Reporter associated with OnDot Media. She is an experienced journalist with nearly ten years of experience in the business news sector. Before joining ODM, she has worked with different media organisations and content firms. Before joining ODM she was the content team lead with Samsung India, Gurgaon

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