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Moving Beyond Cost Effective Cloud Transformation Strategies

By Chandni U - July 12, 2021 3 Mins Read

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Industry leaders have recognized the strategic importance of digital technology and cloud transformation beyond cost efficiencies and experimentation.

In the race for economic stability, enterprises have accelerated customer and supply chain interactions by over three years, and digital products have become a part of any company’s portfolio by seven years; according to a McKinsey global survey. The findings strongly suggest that industry leaders and CEOs have finally recognized the strategic importance of digital technology and cloud transformation beyond cost efficiencies and experimentation.

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In 2018, Gartner had predicted that 80 percent of company workloads would migrate to the cloud, and now their new report expects IT spending to also increase by 10 percent this year and another 10 percent in 2022. Experts reckon it is the highest two-year total of any category yet. Meanwhile, enterprises are expecting similar benefits from business-critical software in the cloud.

Experts reckon existing brownfield and Greenfield deployments can cause transformational business value growth. To achieve the transformation, many leaders are working towards an ‘Intelligent Enterprise’ that can reveal the true value of data, and drive better decisions. Additionally, optimizing performance and operation along with the optimization of deployment is critical.

Without systematic optimization of both applications and infrastructure, the rapid growth of the complexity of multi-tier data and user requirements along with the increase in data velocity and volume can complicate the workload. There are other elements such as workloads that require multiple large nodes as they scale and higher demands of high availability/disaster recovery (HA/DR) that can cause complications. A whole stack strategy is critical to address performance, resilience, and cost challenges.

An extensive partnership with cloud providers and eco-system partners can help enterprises develop innovative strategies to receive high-performing benefits from their investments in highly optimized cloud applications. Experts state that the central part of the collaboration is the strong integration and tuning of scalable processors and persistent memory. Enterprise leaders should focus on best-in-class performance with reduced operational risk by improving resilience and delivering open frameworks.

Experts reckon advanced technologies come with extra requirements as well. For instance, a modern ERP system would have to include real-time operational reporting and advanced analytics on live transactions. It is advised to leverage technology that can integrate and collaborate with the traditional layers of the IT stack seamlessly.

Faster processing of volumes of data is at the core of high-performance cloud-based critical applications.

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Enterprises should acquire complex predictions from broader datasets, including contextual data analysis from extensive IoT sensor data or even detailed datasets from geospatial or graph analysis. Faster processing of the immense volumes of data is the center of any high-performing application in the cloud. They should not solely depend on their operating system but also have direct contact with the chips and make better use of the specialized features.

The global economic disruption since 2020 has guaranteed rapid change and data growth. IDC has also predicted a 25 percent CAGR through 2024. It is high time for enterprises to leverage resilient and optimized cloud systems that are always ready to respond to new demands.

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Chandni U

Assistant Editor

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