Meeting Interviewees Online – Is the Video Conference The New Interview Room?

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Meeting Interviewees Online – Is the Video Conference The New Interview Room

Amid the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak, HR leaders are going digital and implementing new recruitment strategies

Increasingly, HR professionals are conducting job hiring processes virtually. A majority of companies, nearly 86% are managing virtual interviews process to hire a talent amid the COVID-19 crisis. This exciting finding came up from the latest Gartner HR Survey. Gartner has recently polled out 334 HR leaders globally to understand the current hiring procedures across companies. Besides, due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, about 82% of organizations reported that they are expecting a decline in external hiring in the next three months.

Enterprises Are Recognizing Benefits of Distributed Workforce

According to Lauren Smith, VP at Gartner HR practice, “As external hiring slows for many organizations, and business priorities change, leaders must evaluate different methods of recruiting and hiring…Many recruiting functions were already conducting virtual interviews, including using video interviewing technology for remotely located candidates; however, this now is the norm for all candidates given the current environment.”

During such a stressful time, hiring could be complex – especially with the increasing toll of shutdowns on the global economy that has been affected terribly as an outcome of the disease. About 63% of HR leaders said that more than half of their openings are frozen at the moment. Thus, Gartner suggests HR professionals and hiring managers must follow some of the crucial strategies to conduct virtual interviews effectively – to ensure the selection of candidates with a positive experience and accurate assessment.

  • Creating an online hiring process to carry out interviewing initiatives is a must. Almost 85% of the organizations noted they are utilizing new tech stack to onboard new employees. Both parties need to understand the exact setup to avoid future interruptions.
  • Organizations should realign their hiring plans. With budget constraints due to economic uncertainty, hiring could be chaotic. The recruiters must continue clear and transparent communication with the candidates. As per the report, nearly 54% of the companies have delayed candidates’ joining dates and, 31% reported that they had canceled their internship programs.
  • Organizations should encourage more of internal talent mobility – as many respondents (54%) said that hiring would freeze for the next few months expect for critical roles. Hiring within the company might help to lower the risks associated with growth. As per the survey, nearly 39% of the employees reported that they would be open to switching into a new role within the organization.
  • Collecting feedback is one of the critical areas around the hiring process. Organizations need to be open to regular input for the virtual interview process. Since this is a new activity, feedback would help them enhance the system.

SASE as a Business Continuity Solution

It is the responsibility of the company to lower the pressures that are associated with the unfamiliarity. Smith also advised recruiters to “Schedule time between the recruiter and the candidate to talk through the virtual interview set up and set expectations. The recruiter should share tips on how to conduct an effective virtual interview, including thinking through the physical setting they choose to conduct the interview in.”

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